How Food Packaging Affects Your Marketing Strategies

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There’s no denying that drawing a customer’s attention to your products isn’t a walk in the park. Among the number of products in retail stores, how can a product stand out? Most often than not, this has to do with the product packaging. 

A good product packaging involves many other elements and it’s always not about the design. If you’re in the food industry, here are some simple, yet effective tips on how your brand’s food packaging design will stand out.

1. Straightforward and Clear

Artistic and creative designs are great attention-grabbers, but there’s more than just bright colors – the packaging still needs to be straightforward and easy to understand. Consumers these days go past the design and may look for more details such as the health benefits, recyclability, and sustainability. With that being said, since you’re in the food industry, ensuring that the nutritional information presented in the packaging must be clear and concise. Based on a recent survey, it has been found out that 85% of customers noted that the majority of their purchasing decisions are greatly affected by the product’s packaging. 

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Simple Tip When Working On Your Food Packaging Design: 

There’s a wide range of products with a good design layout, however, if it’s difficult to understand the contents of the product, this may also mean that it may not make a sale. Remember that consumers tend to quickly make a decision – within 5-7 minutes when looking for a product, and this is where the balance between the design and information should take place. With that being said, you have to be very clear and straightforward with what you’re selling. Visit to find fully automatic carton sleeve packaging machine for ready meals and yogurt cups.

Plastech Group – Tubes & Containers are perfect for displaying gift items. They are clear and simple showcasing your product in a minimalist effective way.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing 

Simple packaging with clear instructions and information may be the core principle of good packaging, but you also have to remember that it needs to be appealing to the eyes. When a customer sees your product on shelves, the packaging is what they initially see. Will you personally go for something that doesn’t look appealing?

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While it’s true that the overall look may not be the primary reason for making the purchase, but making sure that it is graphically pleasing and the logo is properly placed partnered with great graphics, labeling, and photography elements will increase your chances of getting noticed by customers.

3. Product Authenticity and Reliability 

Your product may have hundreds of competing brands. One way to get on top of the competition is to show your authenticity. This simple aspect can help you stand out from your competitors, regardless of how great their packaging or labels are. 

Incorporating a good visual design with a unique personality is a good approach. For ideas, you can go into different product categories for product inspiration and look for ideas. Don’t be afraid to be unique, bold, and different!

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4. Use the Right Language 

It is important that you use the right language and give your customers a taste of what they’ll get when they purchase the product. Choosing the right words can bring a refreshing perspective when you’re in the food industry. You may find a few brands that use wordplay to incorporate the main product with their brand name itself.   

5. Illustrate Your Food 

When you’re in the food industry, giving customers a mouth-watering image has a huge impact. Coming up with a picture that gives them an idea of how it’ll smell and taste is an effective marketing strategy. This way, your customers will have an idea of what exactly they’re about to purchase, alongside the quality of your product.

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