How NetSuite Can Improve Vegan Food Companies

Netsuite is a cloud-based business management platform that helps companies improve their service offerings. Its enterprise resource planning software provides detailed insight into company performance so that managers can make the needed changes. NetSuite’s features also allow companies to develop effective business plans, schedule resources, and optimize productivity. 

The food industry is vast, and the number of companies catering to vegans is rising. NetSuite can help such companies keep up with their fast-paced growth. This is mainly because of its ability to monitor finances, keep inventory records, support customer relationship management, and host eCommerce platforms. Netsuite is a worthwhile consideration for someone that wants to start a food business. Here are some more detailed ways in which using NetSuite for vegan food companies can be beneficial:

Maintains Relationships with Customers, Partners, and Vendors

With NetSuite CRM features, vegan food companies can successfully manage the relationship between their new and existing customers. They can also use the same software to interact with vendors, supplies, partners, and other essential parties. NetSuite CRM has sales force and marketing automation features and a top-notch customer support management system that benefits food businesses. Also, the software can manage sales projections, commissions, and quotes.

With NetSuite CRM, vegan food business owners would access a continuous stream of information throughout a sales cycle. Sales executives would comprehensively view customer interactions, preferences, and transactions. This would help them personalize interactions with these customers, increase sales and grow the business.

Effective Data Reporting and Employee Communication

Vegan food companies usually have employees that work in different areas of the business. Traditional business management systems might not let all of them easily communicate with one another. But NetSuite breaks that barrier and creates a centralized platform where different teams can seamlessly communicate and report data. It is also mobile-compatible, so employees can send and receive messages on the go.

Additionally, NetSuite allows data to be reported in different ways. Some of these data formats include histograms, charts, and graphs. This reduces dependence on other software programs and ensures that the data employees receive is accurate.  

Better Management of Orders

Vegan food companies must handle their orders efficiently, and they would ordinarily need a lot of workers to do so. With NetSuite ERP, it can be done with much fewer hands on deck. The software lets managers see order fulfillment data in real-time and guide them on steps to reduce wait time. It also lets business leaders increase restaurant sales by making it possible to analyze the effect of promos, discounts, and prices of food portions. NetSuite’s CRM capabilities also allow vegan restaurants to serve customers better and provide top-notch customer support where necessary.

Improved Production Management

Production management in a vegan food company is more efficient when the manufacturing process is visible. NetSuite ensures this is the case by allowing production managers to get real-time insight into production processes. This will enable them to make quick changes to the process if necessary. NetSuite’s ERP facilitates this by creating avenues for work order management, quality assurance, product data management, and planning and scheduling of production activities.

Efficient Quality Management

NetSuite has quality management systems to help vegan food companies automate their quality control processes. Business owners and managers can pick the tests they want to run, set evaluation parameters, and add specific testing policies to be implemented before and after production. Afterward, NetSuite would automatically guide quality inspectors on the items they should test and the times to do so. It will also help them collect results and create a remediation plan.

Monitor Supply Chain

NetSuite for vegan food companies has supply chain management features. This feature allows companies to monitor the flow of items from vendors and suppliers. This overview will ensure a smooth production because all materials needed to prepare vegan meals will be available in advance. It also lets production managers properly allocate resources and schedule production runs to match customer demand.

Optimize Spending

Running a vegan food company requires expenditure that can be wasted if spending is not carefully optimized. These companies usually deal with many vendors, which could be tedious and time-consuming. However, NetSuite has procurement solutions that simplify purchases. This can be done by organizing the list of vendors, their services, their respective purchase orders, and payment schedule. Keeping an organized record like this ensures money goes to the right people at the right time, allowing business to run smoothly. 



Restaurant technology has advanced over the years to make many processes in the food industry more efficient. NetSuite is bringing that efficiency to the rapidly growing vegan food companies. When used correctly, the enterprise resource planning features of NetSuite can make almost any function better, have more structured activities, and be more profitable.






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