How to Fix Faulty Hand Mixer? Step by Step Easy Guide

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Working with hand mixers is a fun activity that gives you the ease of mixing in no time. Your blending is just one click away with this small accessory but your efforts may become fruitless when it stops working especially when you are beating the batter of the cake for the birthday of someone special.

You don’t find any other way but to use your power and mix it manually. This not only takes your much time and effort but also spoils the quality. If your hand mixer is also giving this tough time, don’t take it seriously and just run these troubleshooting steps to find the root cause and fix it in no time by working on these steps. Let’s see how you can do this!

Identification of the problem

First of all, if the hand mixer is not working you have to make sure that power is connected. Sometimes, we accidentally unplug the switch and we try to start it again and again. So, be sure about its connection. Next, check the switch connections and electrical codes. If the beater hums but does not start, it may be the problem of the motor and if it vibrates rather than smoothly working, it must be its shafts that are causing this problem. Spot the problem and then start fixing it with proper tools.

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Tools you need – Get the things done

As you need to open the motor or the switches, you must have these tools.

How to fix hand mixer – Solution!

When you are ready with the tools and located the problem, comfortably sit on the chair and pick up your hand mixer to deal with all of its problems.

Switch testing

If this is the switch that is faulty, you need to check it with ohm-meter. Connect the plugs of the hand blender with ohm-meter and set it to the RX1 scale. It must give a low resistance value if the witch is not damaged but if the switch is damaged, it will give you infinity reading that will clearly show that it is the switch of the mixer that is causing the problem.

The hand mixer is not working!

When your hand mixer gives the bumping sound rather than blending, it shows a motor problem. To deal with this issue, you have to disassemble the mixer. Now you will be needing a screwdriver and small wrenches to open it up. When you have detached all the parts, clean the contacts, and wipe them off. Make sure that all the open parts and terminals located at the back portion are also sprayed. Most of the time, mere cleaning solves the problem but if the problem still remains the same, you have to replace the motor.

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Check the fuse

This is also a common problem that the fuse of the blender has gone. When your hand blender will not run, check the fuse by opening its body. Fuse is located in the inner part of the motor of the body. Remove the connections that join to the lead box that contains the fuse and the power cable of the mixer. Place the clips of the meter on the lead box and check the reading of the meter. As the resistance value of the switch, its resistance should be low. If it is not, this means you have to replace the fuse. Before purchasing a new fuse for your hand mixer, try to take old fuse with you to have exactly like that. If this still doesn’t fix it, get help from Daves appliance.

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Blade shaft

Jammed blade shaft is also one of the main reasons that make your hand mixer sick. This blockage may result in vibration or irregular working of the blender. When you feel that vibration is more than bearable for the mixer, consider it first. Disassemble the mixer and gain access to the blade shaft. You will see it is blocked with the food debris and dust. Clean this part and remove anything that is stuck here. You can also use white grease to lubricate this area to prevent future blockage. When you will do these steps and join all the parts that you separated initially, you will see your hand mixer will start working even its speed will be increased. As jammed food and debris have blocked its rotation when it will be removed, there will be no resistance for the blades to blend the food and you can enjoy blending anytime.

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