How to Throw an Adult Summer Party

Summer time isn’t just for the kids. The hot and sunny days of the coming season will serve as the perfect opportunity to grab your friends and invite everyone over for your own adults-only party. If it’s been a while since you’ve thrown a party just for adults, not to worry. We’re here to help you with our ultimate guide to adult party throwing. Here’s how to host the classiest, funnest and biggest grown-up summer bash of the year.

Make It a Classy Affair — First things first. If you’re throwing a party for adults only, then it’s essential to make sure it is a classy and mature affair. No resemblance to teenage “ragers” to be seen here. Keep the evening respectable and elegant by providing dry drink options like non-alcoholic rosé wine to encourage a sophisticated atmosphere. Delicious mocktail options are the perfect way to set the tone for the night. Your guests who are parents will appreciate being able to party the night away without worrying about getting home safely to relieve their sitter.

Serving a meal at your party? Save the plastic forks and paper plates and opt for using your real dishes to add a touch of elegance. Also, be sure to skip the cheap paper banners and use only nicer-looking cloth table covers, as well as more sophisticated decor pieces. Your adult friends will be impressed at your next-level soirée that’s much different from the parties of your college days. 

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Keep Safety in Mind — One of the main differentiating factors of an adult party is the priority of safety. Throwing an adult summer party brings the expectation of proactively considering safety measures for your guests. For example, if the summer weather is sweltering, be sure to keep cold water easily accessible for your attendees and provide a variety of shaded seating options.

Looking to make it a late night? Forget any worries about your friends getting home safely by stocking your ice chest with non-alcoholic IPA beer near the end of the night. Statistics show that even small amounts of alcohol in your blood can increase the risk of a crash. Don’t take the risk. Relax knowing your loved ones are driving themselves safely home by serving alcohol-free classy beverages at your adults-only summer party.

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Provide a Variety of Refreshments — Any great party anticipates the various tastes and preferences of its guests. As host, choose tasty snacks and appetizers from different food groups, made with different ingredients, in order to provide for a variety of dietary needs.

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A charcuterie board decked out with cheeses — including dairy-free versions that are marked with little flags, gluten-free crackers, nuts, dried fruit and chocolate is a spread that has something for everyone. Any party is a reason to celebrate, so don’t forget the best non-alcoholic champagne on the market so that everyone can partake in the toast! 

Offering a display of refreshments for a wide variety of palates, diets and lifestyle choices is a surefire way to host the best summer party for all your grown-up friends. From sober guests to gluten allergies to simply healthy choices — be sure to include a little something for everyone.

Help Your Guests Feel Comfortable All Night Long — As the party host, you need to be prepared for however the event may evolve throughout the night. Prioritizing the comfort of your guests is another significant factor that sets apart parties for adults from younger age groups. You can do this by preparing multiple areas in your yard and house for your party guests to move around throughout the evening.

Heat hitting too high of temperatures outside? Be prepared to move the party inside if needed. Inside getting too stuffy during the night? String a few lights in your backyard or patio to ensure proper lighting for guests who want to gather in the cool outdoors later on. Earn yourself some extra credit hosting points for setting up a bug zapper that’ll keep summer time pests away too!

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The best types of parties are the ones where everyone feels comfortable. Before your event starts, do a mental walk-through of the needs your attendees may have. As the famous saying goes, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.”

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To summarize, there are a few things that separate the parties of your younger days from a classy, adults-only summertime party. Strive for classier decor and beverage choices that set your party apart from others. Remember that it is essential to prioritize and provide for the safety, comfort and needs of your potential adult party-goers. 


From providing smart alcohol-free drinks, healthy food and plenty of water to thinking through the seating arrangements and shade options — you can rest easy knowing your guests will be relaxed and comfortable at every point of the night. Now everyone can sit back and enjoy your adults-only time this summer.

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