Living in Hyderabad? Get Rid of Piles in 48 hours

Get Rid of Piles

Are one of those people in Hyderabad working in big corporations spend almost more than eight hours at their desks without taking any breaks? In addition to this, does your job demand your dedication so much that you are not left with enough time to consume a good healthy diet nor indulge in any type of physical activity? All these activities make you prone to different diseases including piles.

People continue to suffer, instead of seeking professional help because of two reasons- either they are embarrassed or they don’t have the time. They try to avoid the hassle of hospital admission and try other home remedies which only subsides the pain on a temporary basis. Laser treatment is an advancement in the health sector which treats piles without any pain in just half an hour!

Get Rid of Piles
Get Rid of Piles

But before we move on, you must be thinking about how do you even determine whether you are suffering from piles or not. Look out for the following symptoms-

  1. Continuous itching in the anal region
  2. Piercing pain while passing a stool
  3. Streaks of blood on the toilet
  4. Lump hanging out from the anus in an aggravated situation
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If you feel any of these symptoms, it is recommended you visit a doctor without making any delay.

When Should I Go To The Doctor?

Very few people in Hyderabad are aware of the fact that the treatment of piles depends on its severity. The more severe the piles is, the earlier it requires the treatment. Depending on the severity, piles can be divided into four categories-

  1. Grade I- These are small inflammations which are not visible to the naked eye.
  2. Grade II- Bigger than grade I piles, they may get pushed out during passing of stool.
  3. Grade III- Also known as prolapsed hemorrhoids, they appear outside the anus. The patient may feel them hanging from the rectum.
  4. Grade IV- They are so large in size that they remain hanging outside of the anus.
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Surgeons recommend laser treatment as the most-effective treatment option for curing piles permanently.

Laser Treatment- Permanent Solution To Piles

Laser-based surgeries are beneficial for both doctors as well as patients. As the procedure takes only 30 minutes to complete, people who don’t have enough time to spare can easily opt for them. As for doctors, they will be able to cure more patients within the same period. Apart from saving time for people, there are several advantages of piles laser surgery in hyderabad

  1. The risk of complications is much lower as compared to other surgeries.
  2. The recovery after a piles laser surgery is much faster as there are no large incisions.
  3. A quicker return to a normal lifestyle. It takes only two days to resume daily chores after the surgery
  4. The pain during recovery is considerably less. But it can differ according to the case. For instance, someone might feel a little pinch around the wound if they lift heavyweights
  5. Both during- and after- the operation, there is almost no bleeding.
  6. Most people suffering from piles fear that it can reoccur. People in Hyderabad will be glad to know that with piles laser surgery, the risk of recurring is reduced to minimal.

The whole treatment, from visiting the doctor till the discharge, it takes only 48 hrs to cure piles. Furthermore, it should be kept in mind that even after the surgery, piles can recur if you continue to maintain a lifestyle that largely involves prolonged hours of sitting or eating high-calorie foods. After the recovery period, it is vital that individuals in Hyderabad lower their consumption of spicy foods and in turn, increase the consumption of leafy vegetables and fruits. It is important to drink lots of fluids also. Visit your doctor immediately if you feel any discomfort or pain after the treatment.

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