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Ice Cream is Gluten-Free & not Gluten-Free

Ice cream can be gluten-free contingent upon its fixings and how it’s handled. Normal, single flavor ice creams, for example, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, or espresso are frequently gluten-free. Be that as it may, be watchful for extra added substances, starches or flavorings that contain gluten.

Ice Cream is Gluten-Free & not Gluten-Free
Ice Cream is Gluten-Free & not Gluten-Free

Some ice cream flavors are at higher hazard for containing gluten, for example, “Rocky Road” or “Moose Tracks,” however can be made gluten-free. Flavors with gluten-containing fixings in the name, for example, “Treat Dough,” “Treats and Cream,” “Cheesecake,” or “Birthday Cake” for the most part contain gluten, however some of the time can be made with gluten-free fixings. Ice cream cones regularly contain gluten except if marked generally. Numerous fixings can likewise contain gluten, for example, treat disintegrates. Make certain to understand marks, approach questions and search for gluten-free accreditations.
Moreover, ice cream can frequently be at a hazard for cross-contact in the assembling procedure or at an ice cream shoppe or eatery. Spoons, scoops, and even delicate serve machines can contact a flavor containing gluten at that point be utilized on a “gluten-free” request. Request to have your ice cream scoop cleaned or a new scoop utilized preceding being served your request.
It’s in every case best to ask before requesting at an ice-cream shop, even about “safe” flavors, for example, vanilla and chocolate. While locally acquired assortments list their fixings, you may once in a while need to call the organization in regards to disarray over flavorings and added substances, particularly on items without the gluten-free name.

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