Juicer Recipes for Health

Juicer recipes for health throw light on the ways and means of using various fruits and vegetable juices for wellness and health benefits.

Prior to reviewing juicer recipes for health lets discuss on the advantages of Juice as a health drink. Do you know that juice can make a whole lot difference in making one’s life healthy and happy? Juice has got amazing healing power through its bodybuilding substances and nutritional values to rejuvenate the body naturally. The human body has got trillions of living cells that require foods to survive and maintain good health. The best way to get the nutrients from fruits and vegetables is by juicing. Mia from Juice Buff said “you only need a couple fresh ingredients to make something delicious in your juicer”. Juice has got vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that are easily assimilated throughout the body within fifteen minutes of drinking it that facilitate building, healing, repairing and restoring finest health, all these are best achieved when you have the Best Masticating Juicer.

Juice Therapy:

Fruit and vegetable juices help in- cleaning the blood, pre-digest food for easy absorption, removes indigestible fiber, a great source of enzymes that facilitates digestion, absorption, conversion of food into body tissue, detoxify by acting like a decongestant that flushes dead cells out of the body and dissolves plaque buildup, reduces cholesterol, dissolves clogged arteries, reduces the risk of heart attack, reduces high blood pressure, dissolves kidney stones, cleanses liver, prevents cancers, increases energy and other health benefits, experience more energy, better sleep, less stress, positive outlook on life, weight loss, better digestion, good blood circulation, stronger immune system, normal bowel and smooth functioning of all bodily organs.

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Repetitions always invite boredom. The same is with juice therapy. If you consume same juice every day, it may create your intense disliking for the said juice. Therefore, one has to be inventive in the daily preparation of juice. You can combine vegetables and fruit of every color to make juice. As per a recent study, antioxidants called flavonoids and phenolic acids may cut fat in fat cells. So, you must ensure that such components are incorporated in your drinks. Also please note that your juice does not contain sugar or artificial additives. You can take these detox drinks instead of breakfast. You will genuinely feel a marked difference in your energy levels.

Juice Recipes:

Juicer recipes for health are given below-

  1. Body Cleanser: 2 Apples, ½ Pine Apple and ¼ Watermelon (remove seeds). Benefits- It revitalizes the body, good for cold and glowing skin. Beauticians usually prescribe this juice because of its extremely good effects on the skin.
  2. Reduce Cholesterol:Take 2 parts apple, 1 part cucumber and 1 part celery. Benefits- This is one of the juicer recipes for cancer. It effectively reduces cholesterol and improves all types of stomach upset and headache. This is a must for people over 30.
  3. Perfect Breath:Take 2 part apple (preferably green), 2 part carrot and 1 part tomato. Benefits- This improves skin complexion and eliminates bad breath.
  4. Cooling effect:1 part Bitter gourd, 1 cup milk, 2 full Apples. Benefits- This will instantly cool down your internal body heat and make you more relaxed. It also fights bad breath.
  5. Skin Texture:Sample Proportion- 2 parts orange 2 parts cucumber ½ part ginger.Benefits- It improves the texture and moisture content in the skin and reduces heat in the body.
  6. Kidney Watch:Take 3 parts apple 1 part ginger and 3 parts carrot. Benefits- This delicious juice is excellent for your kidney and bladder. It dispels excess salts from your body.
  7. Rich in Vitamins:Mix in equal proportions of Honeydew, black grapes, watermelon and milk. Benefits-This is an enormously healthy drink filled with vitamin contents like Vitamin C and Vitamin B2. Kids will extremely like this. It enhances cell activity and strengthens body immunity.
  8. Sugar Checker:3 parts pear and 2 parts banana. Benefits- It controls the sugar content in our body. Pear has got healing power for ulcer, constipation, and urination and also toils for congestion, reduction of fever and cough. Banana is beneficial for high blood pressure because it has got little salt. It also contains tryptophan, a kind of protein that the body converts into serotonin which is a hormone that makes you feel happy and improve your mood.
  9. Anti Oxidant:3 parts mango, 2 parts peer, 2 parts carrot, 2 parts apple Benefits- This tasty drink rich in antioxidants reduces the body heat, counteracts toxicity and decreases blood pressure.
  10. Iron Enhancer:½ Pineapple and 1 full cup of grapes (preferably Black).Benefits- Grape juice is good for heart and pineapple acts as a Potential Anti-Inflammatory and Digestive agent. Have it after your lunch or dinner.
  11. Diabetes Check:(1) A handful of spinach, a handful of parsley, 4 carrots and ½ apple(seeded) (2) Equal quantities of amla juice and bitter gourd juice to be taken every morning. Benefits- These are a few juicer recipes for diabetes. This is effective to check the blood glucose levels.
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Juicer recipes for health given above, if followed scrupulously, will enable you to attain great health and wellness.

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