Kids Meal Delivery vs. Shopping: What’s Healthier?

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Kids and meals don’t mix, that’s a fact every parent will agree with! Kids like something one day and the next time they’re offered it they won’t touch it! Then there’s the things they do like, and that’s usually stuff we don’t want them to eat! Yet as we all know it’s too easy to avoid the confrontation and effort, and simply give children what we know they will eat.

However, that doesn’t mean they are getting a healthy and balanced diet. Nor will you be able to ensure they only get the fat they need, and no more. How do you regulate what your children eat, and what have you put in place to make sure you give them sensible meals? 

We know that being a parent is hard and it can be a chore sometimes, so in the article that follows we are looking at kids’ meal delivery services, what they are about, and whether they make a viable alternative to cooking for your kids. We’ll also be looking at how to shop for healthy food, and what your kids should be eating. Let’s start by looking at what they eat today.

What do Your Kids Eat? 

First, we’re not here to tell parents they’re doing things wrong. That’s not what we’re about. Everyone does their best in different circumstances. We want to try and help you find the right approach to ensuring your kids eat healthily. So, what do you children eat now? Do they get their fair share of fruit and veg, or are they more likely to go for the old favourites?

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We know that kids love fish fingers, a foodstuff directly aimed at them, and fries. We know they love burgers – and who doesn’t – and while there is no harm in having a burger every now and again, too often is not a healthy option!

Before we move on, make a list of what your children have eaten in the last few days. Now read through it and think about what’s on there while you read the rest of our article. Let’s discuss why kid’s meal delivery services are becoming more popular.

Benefits of Meal Deliveries for Kids 

What’s the fuss about kids’ meal delivery services? We recommend you check out Kids vs Meals for some great advice and explanations of how they work in detail, but we’ll try and explain things in simple terms, so you get to understand how it works.

A kid’s delivery service is just like those you might have used for yourself. You work from a menu and choose the age range of meals you want as well as the frequency, and they deliver when you ask. You can find deliveries for babies and toddlers, plus older kids, and they are extremely convenient.

But what’s the benefit, other than you not having to make meals for everyone? There are quite a few so let’s have a look at the main benefits of a kid’s meal delivery service:

  • All meals are carefully devised by dieticians who are experts in children’s health.
  • The choice of meals changes each week for variety and also to ensure a balanced selection of options. 
  • Deliveries to your door one the date you request and ready for the final preparation.
  • Preparation required is minimal and will take minutes, with the end result being a meal that your children will enjoy.
  • Meals have been tested and are explicitly those that children are most likely to eat.
  • Low sugar and fat content are assured.
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The above are benefits in addition to the obvious ones of not having to go shopping and being able to save time by having meals delivered, and many customers report that these services are excellent. Of course, the ultimate benefit is a healthy and well-fed child. However, what if you do want to shop for yourself and cook for your children? Let’s talk some more about that.

How to Shop for Healthy Food 

The key to choosing healthy food may lie in the list we asked you to make of your children’s recent meals. Is it largely met products? Or processed foods? Are there notable gaps where vegetables should be? Do you see fatty products on there that you are simply overlooking and allowing to be eaten by the kids? 

Here’s how to start when you want to shop for healthy food: do some research on what is good for kids, and what is not. Let’s start you off with a list of foods that your kids should be eating:

  • Eggs are an excellent source of vitamins, proteins and iron, and should be a regular feature of a children’s diet as they are among the class of food known as ‘brain food’ that help develop the brain.
  • Kidney beans, black beans, and chick peas are a source of protein and fibre and are among the ‘superfoods’ that help young bodies stay healthy and strong.
  • Avocado is high in monosaturated fats that children need to achieve the right cholesterol levels and also has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Milk is a necessary part of a child’s diet and provides both calcium and vitamin D for healthy bone development. 
  • Fish plus lean meat such as chicken provide a source of protein that is beneficial to a child’s diet.
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Now the above list is by no means comprehensive, but it is a guide to the best foods for a healthy children’s diet. So, which is best: shopping for yourself, or meal deliveries for kids?

Our Conclusion

If you have the time and patience to create the sort of carefully considered children’s meals that you will get from a delivery service than you are probably sensible to carry on that way. However, not everyone has that time and not everyone is a good cook!


Kid’s meal delivery services are a great idea that will be attractive to families looking for ways to ensure their children are fed meals that are not only healthy but that they will also enjoy.

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