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Kitchen Tools

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If you have the right tools, cooking becomes an easy reality for almost everyone. For any home cook, it’s very important to have an equipped kitchen. You might not be a world-renowned chef, but you probably already have the most basic utensils you need for cooking. Just imagine, you’re baking a cake without a mixing bowl. Outrageous! If you’re planning to move into a new home or want to newly restock your kitchen, you’ll need to pile your kitchen up with these tools. There are plenty of kitchen tools that you can buy for your kitchen, these 5 are a must-have!

You can read this article and pick one according to your needs.

1. Mixing Bowl

As we’ve mentioned above, you don’t really be want to be making a cake without a mixing bowl. Mixing bowls are one of the primary things you need for your kitchen. They’re basically used for multiple tasks.

Whether you want to store something or bake a cake, you can do it in a mixing bowl. It’s necessary that you keep a variety of sizes for the mixing bowls. Usually the three sizes-small, medium and large will do the trick.

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If you host parties more often than not, it’s recommended that you should get an extra-large one. If you’re buying mixing bowls, you should also consider buying the silicon lids which are easy to clean.

2. A Cookware Set

Instead of buying cookware separately, you could try cookware sets. The shops are filled with cookware sets for your kitchen. These sets include almost all the basic pots and pans you need as a home cook. Every set includes 5-10 pans and skillets and you won’t need to buy any other. A good frying pan is a must for your kitchen and almost all the sets will include a frying pan. Some might also include two if you’re lucky.

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3. Spoons and Measuring Cups

It’s very important to measure out flours, spices, grains, sweeteners, and oils for almost cooking or baking anything. For that, you need to have a pack of measuring cups. You could be an expert and eyeball the whole thing and even get better results.

But it’s absolutely necessary at times to be precise with the amounts of ingredients that you’re going to use for your dish. If you have spoons and measuring cups, you won’t have to worry about adding more of a single ingredient than required.

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4. A Chef’s Knife

This one is by far one of the most needed tools for a home cook’s kitchen. You need the knife for prepping almost all the dishes. With a good carving knife, you’ll be able to chop, slice and dice veggies or fruits or cut big slices of meat, preferably a lean steak. You can even open packaging with a good chef’s knife. Do make sure it’s sharp. It’s been found that dull knife, being old and rusty can cause more harm. Look for a good Kitchen Knife set which contains variable range of knives.

5. A Cutting Board

Another invaluable item for your kitchen is a cutting board. You probably spent a lot of green on your beautiful counter top. You most definitely do not want to harm it. A cutting board will keep your tops safe.

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You can chop veggies or cut fruits on your board and don’t have to worry about damaging your counter top. Whether plastic or wooden, make sure to choose one large enough to accommodate the food you’ll be cutting. The larger board means your chopped pieces won’t fall over.

6. A Colander (Pasta Strainer)

A colander is a bowl-shaped, stainless steel utensil that has a handle to grab onto. It’s designed to strain a smaller amount of pasta. The small perforations on the strainer make sure that the pasta doesn’t slip through it.

There are other uses of the strainer too. You can use it to strain the whole spices from a broth or even veggies from boiling water. The colander can also be used as a blanching basket to cook vegetables in a minute.

Kitchen Tools
Kitchen Tools
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