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Are you planning a tour to Mexico? One must-visit place is Tulum, the town on Mexico’s Caribbean coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula. Characterized by incredible and well-preserved ruins and beaches, touring the region can easily satisfy even the hard-to-please individuals. While touring the area, your experience can’t be complete without sampling the cuisine.  Mexico’s cuisine is inspired by the natives and other cultures as generations of immigrants continue to shape society. For instance, as you make a checklist of the must-try food in Mexico, among the mouthwatering dishes that can skip your mind is the Mediterranean restaurants in Tulum you wouldn’t typically expect to find it there.

The establishments serve some of the most delicious local cuisines and Mediterranean dishes, allowing you to spread your wings as you endeavor to satisfy your taste buds.  Inspired by the Mediterranean region and characterized mostly by seafood and wine, the wide variety of irresistible cuisine will leave you asking for more. Here is a look at some of the must-try cuisines in Tulum, Mexico.

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Baba Ganoush

The Mediterranean dish is typically served before dinner and is made of tahini, mashed eggplant, spices, garlic, olive oil, and at times, yogurt. You can munch on this delicious dish on sandwiches or as a dip. Baba Ganoush is a great appetizer that will make your visit a delight.

Greek salad

Are you a salad enthusiast? Then the authentic Greek salad, made of cucumber, onion, tomatoes, feta cheese, and olives, with dressings of salt, Greek oregano, olive oil, and pepper, is a must-try in your Tulum tour. To spice it up even better, you can opt for additions such as caper berries and bell pepper.

Losh kebab

The lamb and beef burger is a meat-lovers marvel. Made from 50% beef and 50% lamb, the burger is characterized by a mixture of herbs and spices. Chopped white onion, fresh parsley, cumin, and tomato paste are the primary additions and cooked to your liking. You can have it a little juicy or cooked well as per your preference.

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Koshari/koshary/kushari is Egypt’s national meal, a tasty Mediterranean dish you’ll enjoy and can easily make at home. The meal is made by mixing chickpeas, fried onions, pasta, zesty tomato sauce, and served on brown lentils and a bed of rice.

Tortilla Espanola

The Potato Omelet is among the must-try Mediterranean cuisines while touring Tulum, Mexico. The simple yet delicious meal is made from potatoes, olive oil, fried onions, eggs, pepper, and salt. You can munch on it with freshly bakes bread.


Are you looking for a light but juicy breakfast? Then Shakshuka, the Moroccan inspired dish, is your go-to. The mouthwatering breakfast meal is made from tomatoes stewed in olive oil, smoked paprika, cumin, and for that extra flavor kick, jalapeno pepper, topped with poached eggs.

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Regardless of your taste and preference, Tulum, Mexico, has you covered with a wide range of Mediterranean cuisines. Whether you are looking for a light meal for those lazy weekend strolls at the beach or heavy meals to give you the energy to explore the ruins, your taste buds will be more than satisfied as you sample some dishes from the top Mediterranean restaurants.

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