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Perfect to the Upcoming Summer: Meet Avaline Wine

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Meet Avaline Wine, the perfect drink for the upcoming summer.

As the summer rolls around, there’s nothing quite like sipping wine out on the porch with friends. Wine also makes for the perfect daytime beverage, giving you just enough of a buzz to truly enjoy the pleasant summer air. Another reason people prefer wine over other drinks is the assumption that wine is completely natural and organic.

Well, that’s the biggest lie of them all. Even though wine is supposed to be nothing more than fermented grapes, most wine brands produce their product with dozens of artificial flavors, additives, colors, pesticides, chemicals, and other products that are decidedly NOT organic or natural. In fact, you know how your tongue gets red after drinking red wine? That’s not natural either — it’s caused by an additive called Mega Purple.

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Until recently, most wine brands had been using the word “organic” without living up to its promise. But Cameron Diaz’ Avaline Wine is here to set the record straight.

Avaline Wine is a truly organic, natural, and transparent wine free from all unnecessary additives.

The organic promise of Avaline Wine.

Avaline Wine is a truly organic and natural wine free from all additives, pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals. In fact, it’s also completely vegan since it’s not filtered through animal by-products, such as egg whites or fish bladder.

Most wine brands use chemicals and pesticides for pest control to increase the wine’s shelf life, add color, or fight off harmful pests, insects, and bacteria. Avaline Wine does the same things using biodiversity instead of chemicals. Instead of using harmful chemicals, a truly organic production process introduces insects that can fight off other harmful pests, thereby preserving the naturalness of the wine-making process.

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Cameron Diaz is a true wine connoisseur, and she’s all about organic living. She spent an entire summer touring European vineyards with her entrepreneur friend Katherine Powers to learn about wine production. As such, she learned all about organic wine-making processes to produce a bottle that truly lives up to the labels “organic,” “natural,” and “vegan.”

Avaline Wine is all about transparency at every level.

Most wine brands use the label “organic” flippantly because they can. The only legal requirement for a wine to use the “organic” label is to avoid sulfites. However, even if they don’t use sulfites, they can use dozens of other equally harmful chemicals and still call themselves organic. The lack of regulation in the wine industry is shocking.

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Considering the lack of honesty in the industry, how can you be assured of Avaline Wine’s organic nature? How can you be assured that it’s not just another marketing ploy?

Well, Cameron Diaz wants everyone to know what they’re putting into their bodies. To that end, each Avaline Wine bottle carries a large label listing all the ingredients used at every stage of the wine-making process. You can Google the ingredients yourself to learn more about what you’re drinking. This is a refreshing degree of transparency, and it comes without sacrificing the taste, flavor, OR aesthetics of the bottle.

Avaline Wine is, above all, delicious.

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