Pizza Trends for 2022

Despite being a favorite food among consumers, the story of pizza’s rise during the pandemic offers some lessons about adapting to rapid change.

It’s not surprising that pizza is moving toward off-premise sales, but the speed at which it is happening is noteworthy. On average, operator pizza sales before the pandemic were sold on-premise for dine-in occasions, takeout pepperoni pizza represented a third of sales, and delivery was just 12%. Although delivery grew to 19% on average over the past year, takeout accounted for nearly half (48%) of all pizza sales. Post pandemic, businesses that provide Authentic Pizzeria Catering and pizza in fort lauderdale are beginning to thrive once more as gatherings once again become safe.

Pizza Passport

Many people choose to enjoy a second pizza without tomatoes. You can find non-traditional toppings on many menus, such as Thai Peanut, Korean BBQ, and Mexican. There has been a 58% increase in these toppings on menus since 2018.

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Red in the face? You’re a blonde. Blonde pizzas, also called white, do not have a tomato-based sauce. Despite dating back to 1738, white pizzas are making a comeback in 2022. Blonde pizzas allow you to showcase your favorite toppings. There are several options for making the perfect blonde pie, from a basic ricotta layer to a delicate cream bechamel or creamy alfredo sauce.

Make it portable, but make it pizza

Calzones hide all the tasty goodness inside while slices lose their toppings; what’s the solution? A pizza cone! A “cone” crust is easily consumed on the go with all your favorite toppings. Featuring dough, sauce, cheese, and everyone’s favorite: Instagrammable, this fun, hand-held snack is sure to satisfy.

Plant-based Lettuce Turnip Beet

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Plant-based eating is a growing trend in America, with 39% of Americans saying they eat it at least once a week. Vegetarians and vegans want more than just pineapple and green peppers. There are 187% more vegan dishes on menus, including Vegan Lovers Pizza, which features Beyond and Impossible plant-based meat.

Consider using potatoes, beets, or seasonally available items like ramps and squash blossoms instead of traditional pizza vegetables. Would avocado toast work? No way! The millennial generation is now more concerned with buying houses than eating avocado on pizza. Therefore, superfoods like avocado and kale are increasingly making their way onto pizza toppings. Unexpected toppings complete the cheesy goodness in a new way.

Others attempt to shed the extra pounds they’ve put on by turning their pandemic exercise bikes into clothing racks. People are increasingly looking for healthier alternatives to weekly pizza nights. People who eat low-carb or gluten-free are increasingly turning to cauliflower crusts for their crusts. Gluten-free pizza will increase by another 27% on menus in the next four years.

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Pizza night is almost here

Pizza is an appetizer that brings people together, whether eating in, carrying out, or getting it delivered. Pizzas have seemingly endless options, and with an expected 2.9% growth in the pizza restaurant industry in 2022, selecting the right equipment for your business is crucial. It is possible to setup a successful pizzeria and meet your customers’ demands without overwhelming your staff with too much equipment. Make sure to read our blog titled, “Should I Buy an Electric or Wood-Burning Pizza Oven?”

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