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Insider Tips on How to Prepare Keto Shake


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The popularity of low-carb diets has increased over the years, with more keto meal plans and products available online and in stores. However, not all products provided are fully low-carb. Some are not even suitable for diets that are whole-food based. Most of them are branded healthy and low-carb, but looking at the ingredients will put you off completely.

But preparing a keto shake is a quick process that takes a few minutes of your time.

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A keto diet plan with whole, unprocessed products will offer the best outcomes in the end. It is better to plan ahead and purchase the needed ingredients beforehand and make homemade keto meals yourself. Homemade keto shakes are very quick to prepare, and you can make dry keto shake mix to carry with you when traveling.

Prepping the Keto Shake

Keto shakes can be used as meal replacement shakes or as snacks/desserts. They are ideal for dessert, breakfast, and lunch. You don’t need to be a professional to prepare a healthy keto shake. As long as you have the ingredients and recipe, the rest is easy. First of all, you will need to have a blender and the ingredients with you before you prepare the shake.

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There are varieties of shake flavors you can make for your delicious and enjoyable keto shakes.

Homemade Keto Shakes

To prepare your homemade shake:

Add one cup, or one and a half cups of sweetener-free almond milk or any other nut or seed milk for high protein shakes. For high-fat and high-protein shakes, you will use coconut milk or heavy whipping cream that you will dilute using water. A cup of plain almond milk with two tablespoons of heavy whipping cream will do.

For fresh ingredients, Cut the ingredients in small pieces and place them in the blender together with ice cubes. Blend and continue to add ice cubes until you reach your desired texture.

Keto Shakes for Travellers

If you are traveling or flying out and cannot carry liquid shakes with you, combine all dry ingredients of the shake in a jar and close it tight before shaking. You can prepare single serve jars or make batches as needed. For a full meal, you can use half or a third of a cup of the dry mix and combine it with your preferred liquid. You can use a quarter of a cup of these ingredients for quick filling snacks.

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Add coconut cream, powdered coconut milk or powdered dairy cream to the dry mix and add water to complete your shake. You can fine-tune the flavor of your shake and the measurements as you like.

Here are other varieties of keto shake options you can try:

  • Use egg white protein powder (isolate) without sweeter or with low-carb sweetener.
  • Plant-based protein powder like pea protein powder
  • Whey protein powder (isolate)
  • Almond butter or flour when using a blender
  • Plain or flavored collagen powder
  • Flavored or plain MCT oil powder. You can add liquid MCT oil to the shake alongside the mixing liquid.
  • Flax meal, coconut flour, groundnuts or chia seeds for thick creamy shakes.
  • You can use the low carb sweetener to taste if you want.

Importance of Keto Shakes

Keto shakes support the production of ketone to help you achieve ketosis for your body to burn fat for energy. Homemade shakes contain whole, natural ingredients which are free from harmful chemicals.

They are convenient to prepare. With the ingredients, a shaker bottle and water, you have your delicious keto meal replacement or snack any time.

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High-fat content in the shakes will keep you full for longer, making you have few cravings and eat less. They can be a replacement for meals since they contain healthy vitamins and minerals.

Keto shakes blend easily with no grittiness. You can blend smooth shakes with almond milk, coffee, and water. Blended ingredients help the body to absorb essential nutrients.

You can add as many ingredients to your shakes for more energy, allergy prevention, detoxification, healthy liver functions, and more. Shakes have no known long term adverse side effects.



Your ideal keto shake should be delicious and healthy for your body. Therefore you should scrutinize the ingredients to ensure they fit your needs before preparing your shake. They should contain whole ingredients to help you succeed in achieving your desired weight. You can add plenty of ice cubes to enjoy your slush.

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