Self-Care Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms with Active Children

We’ve all heard the familiar saying that always seems to be getting told to moms around the world: You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first. But where do stay-at-home moms even start when it comes to self-care? And what if you’ve got especially active children who require your constant attention? 

We’re here to help give you ideas and tricks that will help you recharge. Here are some self-care tips for stay-at-home moms who have extra-active children they need to watch over. From mocktail recipes to massages, we’ve got the tips you need to start filling up your cup so you can then fill up others too.

Relax with a Dry Happy Hour — For most stay-at-home moms with active kids, one of the main concerns with taking the time to relax is the need to still be supervising the household. A dry happy hour with delicious non-alcoholic rosé can help you relax while still keeping your senses sharp. 

Make it into a tasty mocktail by mixing the alcohol-free wine with a fruit-flavored soda and adding some ice cubes and a few berries. Extra points if you use a fancy glass! You’ll get all the excitement of a bubbly cocktail, minus the worry about being too distracted to watch your energetic kids or of them sneaking a taste.

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An afternoon mocktail is the perfect treat that will ensure you don’t miss a beat with your kids. A dry happy hour can help you take the time you need in your day to sit down and breathe. You’ll feel so much better once you give your nervous system a rest and recharge your mom battery.

Celebrate for Any Occasion — Research psychologists have found that celebrating the good things in life can help your family build resilience and be able to better manage stress. In that case, let’s celebrate it all — the big and small achievements!

If your kids are active with sports, hobbies or academics, it’s especially important to find reasons to celebrate with them. A non-alcoholic champagne creates a family-friendly environment and lets the good times keep rolling. Whether it’s a good grade on a test or a perfectly executed dance rehearsal, make sure to have a household celebration in honor of their achievement. It’s a great way to de-stress for you, make your children feel special and build a more resilient family bond. 

Bring the Massage to You — If the words “self care” trigger images in your mind of spa days, cucumbers on your eyes and white fluffy robes — that’s because a massage is the ultimate way to take care of your body both physically and mentally. Some massage therapists will offer house calls and B.T.O.T. (Bring Their Own Table)! It might be easier than you think to find a certified massage therapist who offers house calls and can work out a recurring schedule with you. 

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Have them set up in an open space where you’ll be able to hear the kids if they need you, or you can even schedule it for a time when they’re at soccer practice or at a neighbor’s. In today’s “gig economy,” there are tons of masseuses who will be willing to take you on as a regular client and keep you feeling your best. 

Take All the Help You Can Get — The ultimate life hack for stay-at-home moms who have extremely active kids is to let the children help you with household time-consuming chores you have to do anyway. It won’t always be perfect, but we say that a job that’s done (even imperfectly) is better than one that’s not done at all. If you’ve got children who never want to sit down, let them help mommy out with simple chores that you have on your To Do list anyway. 

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Chore time can be fun and even a chance to bond with your little ones while saving a little bit of time for yourself. The key is to keep it simple. Try letting your energetic child help you toss laundry into the washer machine or hamper, throw toys into the proper storage basket or stir the batter for the cake you said you’d make for this week’s book club. They might even be excited to help water the houseplants! Get creative and be strategic, and your future self will thank you for the time and effort saved. 

In summary, self care can show up in many different ways. Think about how you like to relax — if you like the excitement of a yummy mocktail, need more celebration in your life or just simply need a massage. Or go paint your nails with Glitterbels gel polish. There are ways to incorporate the breaks you need into your day while still being able to be present with your active children.

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