The 9 Best Moroccan Dishes

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For many travelers, exploring new destinations is the perfect way to learn about different cultures, civilizations, history and architecture.
For others, travelling is above all a great opportunity to discover the best dishes of local cuisine, taste new combinations of ingredients and learn about culture through the culinary art of each country.
If you have the chance to travel to Morocco, get ready to taste original flavors, spices and aromas and to meet the culture of one of the best cuisines and gastronomies all over the world.
In the following article, we invite you to discover 9 of famous Moroccan dishes that you need to try while visiting Morocco:

1. Briouates

One of the most delicious Moroccan specialties that can be eaten both sweet and salty.
The salty Briouates are prepared with puff pastry, minced meat, chicken, fish or vegetables and served as an entry in many luxury and stunning restaurants in Morocco.
The sweet Briouates are made with roasted almonds, sugar, orange blossom water and cinnamon. A delight that can be served as dessert with mint tea and Moroccan Pastries.

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2. Harira

Harira is a traditional Moroccan soup, basically prepared with tomatoes, onions, beef or lamb meat and dried vegetables.
You can find this very rich and hearty soup present in each Moroccan table during the holy month of Ramadan. Harira is usually served with hard-boiled eggs, Moroccan pancakes (Chebakia) and dates.
You can also appreciate the warm flavours of this popular soup in different Moroccan restaurants especially in winter.

3. Zaalouk

In addition to Taktouka, Zaalouk or eggplant caviar is one of the most popular Moroccan Salads regularly presented as an accompaniment to main dishes.
Regularly served with traditional bread, Zaalouk is made with grilled eggplants and tomatoes then seasoned with garlic and Moroccan Spices. A real explosion of flavours.

4. Pastilla

The Pastilla is a very delicious Moroccan dish, made with puff pastry and filled with almonds, pigeon, chicken or fish, then sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.
This unique sweet and salty food combination exceeds all expectations and offers a great traditional culinary experience.

5. Couscous

This emblematic specialty is obviously the most popular Moroccan dish, complete and convivial. In Morocco, Couscous is served each Friday after the Jomoaa Prayer in a large dish called “Gasrya”.
Couscous is originally made with semolina, chicken, beef or lamb meat, and 7 different boiled vegetables. You may also like to taste the fabulous Couscous of “Tfaya” made with caramelized onion and raisins.

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6. Tagine

You cannot talk about the best specialties in Moroccan cuisine without mentioning the inevitable Tajine.
The Moroccan Tagine is very known with its countless variations such as the classic Tagine of chicken with lemon and olives or the famous tagines of lamb meet with almonds end prunes.

7. Rfissa

Rfissa is a very tasty and elegant Moroccan dish, basically made with Msemen (crispy Moroccan flatbread), onions, pigeon or chicken and lentils then seasoned with unique Moroccan Spices such us ginger, saffron, coriander, ras-el-hanout and fenugreek.
For many centuries, Rfissa has been always a traditional Moroccan speciality prepared and served in big family events like wedding ceremonies, baptism and birthday parties.

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8. Mrouzia

You can say that Mrouzia is a very sweet Moroccan Tagine prepared mainly during Aid Al Adha.
The Mrouzia is prepared with lamb meet, almonds, raisins, cinnamon and sugar or honey and seasoned with a very typical homemade spices mixture called Ras-elhanout composed of over 40 different Moroccan Spices.

9. Tanjia

Tagia is a pure gastronomic delight and an emblematic typical dish of Marrakech, generally made by men.
This Marrakchi dish is prepared only with lamb or beef meat, lemons confit and Moroccan spices. Then cooked in wood oven inside an earthen pot called Tangia for more than 4 hours.
Finally, if you would like to find great and luxury restaurants in Marrakech with traditional style and refined cuisine, check this exclusive selection of best gastronomic restaurants in Marrakech:

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