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As people are in the search of how to live a healthy life, our diet is an essential aspect of this way of life. Many people have embarked on a quest of growing their own food using different techniques like the one you can read about in this review. However, growing your own nuts is not an easy job, but the good news is that the market is full of them.

Even though we can get a lot of recipes online, it is important to know what health benefits they bring to the table so that we can combine them to our own liking and choose the ones we like to eat according to our needs.

There are a lot of types of nuts and their use in our recipes depends a lot on their texture and fat content. Even if it seems like they are all the same, there are a few essential differences and we are going to tell you all about them here.


Walnuts are really popular all over the world and scientists have researched the benefits they provide for a long time. They have concluded that they do a great job when it comes to reducing cholesterol levels, especially the bad cholesterol, LDL. In addition, they increase the good cholesterol, also known as HDL.

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Some studies have shown that they are good for the health of our hearts because they have a positive effect on blood circulation. They also have anti-inflammatory properties and are known to be really good for our brains – no wonder they look like them, as well.


Almonds are really popular for having a lot of nutrients that are really healthy for our bodies like vitamin E and magnesium. If you have high cholesterol, almonds are good for the reduction of LDL, which is known to have a bad effect on heart health. However, studies suggest that there is not enough evidence to support this theory.

Almonds are great when it comes to weight loss and are a great snack for obese people, but not consumed in large quantities. Researchers have concluded that almonds are great in reducing blood sugar levels in people who have diabetes, but they do not have the same effect in healthy people.

They are also great when it comes to the health of your colon because they increase good bacteria in our guts.


Pistachios have a great flavor and have the same benefits that most nuts bring to the table – they reduce LDL cholesterol. They contain a lot of vitamin E and magnesium and are great at reducing blood sugar levels after a meal. They are great to reduce the oxidative effect that occurs on the cells and are beneficial for the heart.

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Cashews are full of nutrients and are really healthy for your body. Even though they have a low amount of vitamin E, they have a lot of magnesium which is really good for our mental health and eating them is great for having a good mood. As you probably know, having an antioxidant diet is really healthy for the body and cashews come with this benefit.

Of course, like all other nuts, cashews have the potential of reducing blood sugar and high cholesterol levels, and that is why it is really healthy to consume them in reasonable amounts.

Macadamia nuts

The great thing about macadamia nuts is that they contain a lot of monounsaturated fats which are really good when it comes to heart health and cholesterol. It is known that they are one of the best in the nut family to reduce LDL.

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A study recently confirmed that people who eat a lot of macadamia nuts are as healthy as people who follow the recommended diet for heart health by the American Heart Association.


Even though they are really tasty, some people stay away from peanuts because they are high in calories. However, they are healthy too, as they have a really high amount of vitamin E. A study concluded that their consumption can reduce death rates and lower the rates of people who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

You might be surprised to find out that peanuts do not belong to the nuts family, but to the legume family. They are really similar to nuts and have a lot of the same properties. They are really healthy, but in moderation, like all others, for almost anybody, except for the ones who are allergic.

Cooking is a relaxing and surprising hobby and you can make a lot of great recipes that taste amazing. It is really important to remember that food has to be a fuel for the body so incorporating nuts into our diet is something that will make the food taste wonderful and also be really healthy.

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