The most popular pasta dishes

Is there any meal quite as versatile and as tasty as pasta? We owe the Italians, we truly do. Such a versatile product has the capability to become a basis for many diverse meals and more often than not is incredibly easy and quick to cook up. Here are some of the most popular pasta dishes that might inspire you to get into the kitchen at home. If you want to have fresh handmade pasta delivered to your door, check out Gigi’s Pasta.

First on the list is your classic bolognese. Created in bologna, Italy, bolognese is a signature that has stayed the same for generations and is a statement dish – quick and easy to serve up but absolutely delicious when you do. Traditionally served with tagliatelle or simple spaghetti, bolognese is a meat dish made up of minced beef, herbs, tomatoes, and red wine. This dish is a staple recipe you have to learn, full of bursting and tender flavour. 

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Next you have a carbonara. Perhaps as versatile as pasta itself, carbonara is an easy comfort dish you can adjust to suit your own preferences. Wonderfully cheesy and traditionally made with just eggs, pancetta, parmigiano, and garlic, carbonara is the sort of pasta dish everyone loves. It’s also easily adjusted to become vegan, with heavy cream and vegan cheese, if that’s what you like. Carbonara is also a fun dish to throw your own ingredients in to add extra and new flavours. This could be the addition of vegetables such as mushrooms or by swapping out the pancetta for spicy chorizo. It’s really up to you! 

Pasta bake is another fantastic and popular pasta dish as it again is so versatile in it’s flavours. There are endless possibilities with a pasta bake, from your classic chicken pasta bake to a delicious salmon and courgette one. Not only is this the sort of dish that you could have every night of the week and still end up having different flavour combinations, it’s incredibly easy to make too. Simply cook your pasta and cook off your meats and veggies, adding the sauce of your choice (be it tomato or cheese). Pour everything into a large baking tray, top off with cheese, and put it in the oven. Your good to go and in half an hour will be left with a succulent meal that took you all of 15 minutes to prepare and put in the oven!

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Named after the pasta in which it’s made from, Lasagna is another italian cuisine that originates from the city of Naples, now available in many Italian restaurants. The dish itself is made from individual sheets of lasagna separating layers of tasty ragu, vegetables, spices, and cheese. Like most others on this dish, lasagna is incredibly easy to cook up but because of its bursting variety of ingredients, explodes in your mouth with each bite. This one is definitely worth a go for a cosy evening in. 

It’s not intentional that all of these dishes on this list ended up originating from Italy but we can’t really dispute it! Italy is a country of fantastic chefs and has in turn produced the most popular pasta dishes that are enjoyed all over the world. Again, we can’t thank them enough for that!

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