Top Japanese Cuisine in the Los Angeles Area

Japanese Cuisine

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Japanese cuisine rocks!

The devotion that Los Angeles has to Japanese food almost beats the devotion solo travelers have to adventure. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering its uniqueness and deliciousness.

So respected is the Japanese cuisine that there have been proposals from significant people to have it included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.

What Makes Japanese Cuisine Special?

Unlike most cuisines where flavour and nutrition come from spices and herbs, the Japanese cuisine differentiates itself by using fermentation as a process of creating fresh and natural flavor. Products like soy sauce, natto, pickled ginger, and wine are used to achieve a distinct taste, making this cuisine quite a special kind.

The Japanese eat with their eyes first. This explains why presentation, simplicity, and seasonality are so crucial in Japanese cuisines. Japanese chefs are often called the masters of presentation. They painstakingly ensure that food is served in a way that highlights the textures and flavors.

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If you are ever in the Los Angeles area, here’s a list of places you can visit to have a taste of everything Japanese, from an exquisite bowl of salmon sushi special made in your presence to steaming tempura shrimp and a cook-your-own meal option.

Japanese Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine

Where are the Best Places to Eat Japanese Food in Los Angeles?

1. Sugarfish

Located in Downtown LA, Sugarfish is known for its traditional style sushi and its high-quality fish. The menu here is only omakase (leave it to the chef). This explains the consistency in their wide food variety.

2. Hayato

Hayato offers a unique sense of traditional Japanese ambiance in the Downtown Arts District of Los Angeles. The handmade ceramics, warm food, and pieces of Japanese culture will leave you wanting to go for a second and third serving. The chef is known for his talent in creating immaculate and exceptional kaiseki dinners from behind the wooden counter of his renowned restaurant.

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3. n/naka

Owned by renowned chef Niki Nakayama, this restaurant serves the highest quality of food in Overton Avenue LA, thanks to Nakayama’s kaiseki classical cooking style.

Kaiseki observes a specific sequence of tastes, temperatures, textures, and seasonal ingredients. Besides the exceptional delicacies, the warm customer service will leave you wanting to come back for more.

4. Takao

Known for its daily changing omakase, this cozy and straightforward joint transforms even the most familiar dishes, such as lima beans, into exquisite ones.

With the depth and sweetness of even the most basic foods, this 40-seat popular joint has its customers wrapped around its fingers.

5. Kazoku Sushi

That friend who often advises you to invest in real estate rather than fly in an executive private jet will love Kazoku Sushi.

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Just as its name suggests, this sushi bar serves the best style sushi with just the perfect flavors. Besides its remarkable customer service, the casual and comfy indoor ambiance will give you a unique taste of Japan.

Japanese cuisine, thanks to its extraordinary quality, is known around the world for its finger-licking effect. If you haven’t soaked your tongue in the richness of Japanese cuisine, then now is the right time to book the next flight to LA. Only then will you know what you’ve been missing.


Ī tabemono (good food) awaits you!

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