Top Restaurant Marketing Strategies 2020

Marketing a restaurant might seem like an easy job. But, there are several key elements that people tend to forget, which is why many restaurants can never live up to their full potential. Marketing a restaurant in 2020 is way simpler and easier than it was before. Thanks to the Internet and social media restaurant owners can easily market their restaurant. But, there are a few extra steps an owner can take to guarantee better exposure and a higher clientele.  

Professional-Grade Photos

The very first thing you need to work on is how you present your restaurant to the world. Your photos are what will attract attention, and the best thing to do is make them look professional. Don’t be the type of restaurant that puts up average photos of your place as well as the food. This shows a lack of professionalism. Get a trained photographer who knows about angles and lighting—someone who can take incredible shots of the restaurant as well as your food. You can take these professional images and use an online video editor to make a short video package for your restaurant for social media.

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Get On Social Media

Something that many restaurants don’t do is getting a social media account. This is the best place to promote your business as well as your food. Word spreads easily on social media. Not only that but the people who visit your restaurant can tag it for their friends to see. This will help you gain more traction. Whenever you have any offers or new dishes on the menu, you can simply put it up on your social media account. Also, people love looking at food on social media. You can also interact with your fan following via the comment section.

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Be The Host Or Cater Events

If you want to make a name for yourself, then cater an event or host one at your premises. This will make people aware of what you are and what you offer. Again word of mouth is what sells this. When you host an event, then you will be promoted by the event sponsors. If you have influencers or social media stars, then they will help promote your restaurant and food as well. Once people hear about your catering service, then you will get requests for other events.

Have A Good PR Team

You need to have a good PR team to manage your restaurant. A good PR team will make sure your restaurant has a good social media following. It will give your restaurant some social credibility. The PR team will also get your restaurant featured in print media or via the local broadcasting. This will improve your restaurant’s reputation. They will also give you valuable customer feedback on what people like and dislike about your restaurant. This is vital if you want to stay ahead of the competition. They can also give you ideas on how to improve your style, which will make your restaurant more attractive.   

Reviews Are Important

Today, people don’t just blindly walk into an establishment and see what they get there. They read online reviews first. This isn’t just for restaurants but also bars, clubs, and even schools.  People want to know what others who have visited the establishment have to say about it. Was their experience good? Are you worth checking out? How was the food and service? Thanks to online review sites, this has become easy. Surveys have shown that most people today look up the names of the restaurants they want to visit to see what the reviews say about them.

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Work With Other Vendors

When you work with local vendors not only can you manage a larger bulk order but you can also give more people a taste of what you offer. This is how your food and brand can reach more people easily. Working with vendors also creates a new revenue stream for your business. You will earn for the people eating at your restaurant, people using your catering services, and even now your vendors.

Use Ads

Many big names in the restaurant industry run google ads Thailand for their businesses. But, there are certain things you need to understand before jumping into it. You need to find your target audience. Run ads for your restaurant on food-related material. You can make these ads via a team or yourself using a picture video maker. Many restaurants run ads everywhere, which leads to a shallow interaction rate and very few benefits from those ads. You also need to know that the amount of money you will be spending on these ads will be way more than the amount of money you will be getting back.

Have A Great Website

This is something that most restaurants do not do. They skip out on getting a website for their restaurant. Do not try to get this done for a cheap price. Invest in a good modern website design that will showcase your restaurant in all its glory. When you have a professionally made website that represents your restaurant in all its glory, people who are searching for a place to eat will be attracted to it. Make sure you provide a ton of information on your website, such as your location, menu, offers, timing, etc.

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Word Of Mouth

One of the free and easiest ways of publicity for your restaurant is by word of mouth. People are going to believe what others have to say about your restaurant rather than what you say about it yourself. You need to make sure that people have a positive experience when dealing with your brand. When people come to your restaurant, they should experience the best service and food just as you promoted. When they interact with you on social media, it must be good. Never give customers a chance to bad mouth your establishment.

Work With Others


Collaborations are a big thing in the world of marketing. This is what professional marketing teams would suggest to establishments to do. Collaboration has a broader reach than just self-promotion. The business or person you are collaborating with will introduce you to their fans and their following. This is instant publicity. Not only will the number of people you will be reaching out to be higher but also the speed at which you will be reaching out to them will be faster.

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