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Having a woodworking shop at home gives way to a great hobby as it can help you spend your time wisely while being productive, that is, only if you know what to make. You have a lot of options to go with, whether you can work on big or small projects. They could include generic household items, furniture, cupboards, or even accessories of daily usage. 

Wooden kitchen projects are a prominent example of wooden projects, and these would prove useful by helping you organize your kitchen. There are a lot of projects that can be constructed easily in your woodworking shop. Here are some examples of projects that could lighten up your kitchen and make things easier as well:

Knife block:

Knives can be a hassle to deal with. They are sharp, pointy, and often misplaced. You could make a simple wooden knife block that would hold all of your knives and help keep yourself safe and organized as well. It can even hold blades of different sizes that are up to your imagination and work.

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A Paper towel holder:

Paper towels are used in almost every kitchen, mostly mounted on the wall near the sink. Still, you could make a carry holder which can be placed anywhere in the kitchen where you need it to be.

A Wine/bottle holder:

A wine/bottle holder would be a positive addition to your kitchen. Wine bottles can be placed in their specified holders or a rack to keep them organized and out of reach of children. It would also work as a display case for your collection of wine bottles to give your kitchen that rustic aesthetic.

A cutting board:

A simple wooden cutting board can help you dice your vegetables and fruits easily. It’s pretty simple to make but it can save you quite a bit of hassle. Hence, it’s a good addition to your kitchen.

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Kitchen cart:

A kitchen cart can make your servings easy. It’s not too common in the average household, so it adds a nice touch especially if you have guests. You can take all of your prepared food from the kitchen to the dining table in one go, no need to repeatedly visit your kitchen during mealtime.

Coffee table:

A DIY coffee table should be easy to build and would prove quite handy. It could also be used as a study table. You could even add drawers if you need extra storage for various knickknacks.

You can also build simple racks and shelves, bottle openers, or storage boxes from woods. There are plenty of ideas for you on different websites, forums, discussion groups, and communities to practice woodworking. You could also get more detailed help from sources like Woodworking Talk, Lumber Jocks, Ted’s Woodworking, Woodworking Forums, etc. 

Plus, you will also encounter the platforms that offer you to buy their tutorial plans. You can get help from those as well, but it is necessary to check if they are authentic or not. For this purpose, you can read reviews about these platforms before buying their packages. 

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