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Looking to breathe some life into your boring kitchen? Maybe it’s time you invested in a wireless Bluetooth speaker to keep you company as you prepare a nice homemade meal for your family. Luckily, there are various exciting models to select from the market!

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In this post, we consider the top 5 Bluetooth kitchen speakers.

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JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Clip is just what you need to bring some much-needed liveliness to your kitchen. It comes with an ergonomic clip that enables you to hang it from the ceiling in the middle of the room. A 3.5mm audio cable provides an alternative connection option while its waterproof design protects it from splashes when doing the dishes. In case you get a phone call, a built-in mic in the Clip 2 lets you receive the call without stopping what you’re doing.
With a small and compact build, you won’t have a problem moving it from one room to the other. Despite the tiny size, it’s powerful enough to bring the spark that you want in your kitchen. Finally, the battery can last up to 8 hours before you recharge it.

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Logitech UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker

This portable Bluetooth speaker delivers clean and good sound quality that will be perfect for your uninspiring kitchen. It is rated at IPX7, meaning it won’t be harmed by the occasional splashes it’s exposed to in the kitchen.
The Ultimate Ears speakers can be paired with a smartphone to enjoy your favorite hits in your favorite room in the house. It boasts 360-degree Bluetooth capability, meaning the music is delivered uniformly throughout the kitchen.
It is also integrated with Google and Siri, which lets you change the playlist by simply commanding Siri. You don’t have to halt your cooking and mess up your recipe. Finally, the UE Boom is compatible with phones, tablets, and any other Bluetooth-enabled devices you can find. Not to mention that it is wi-fi compatible.

Lewis Hyman 9501110 Studio Sync

Unlike most Bluetooth kitchen speakers that usually sit on tabletops, this unit can easily be installed on the wall. The StudioSync is a music shelf unit with two encased speakers for maximum volume delivery. Its compact style and unrivaled aesthetics will enhance the outlook of your kitchen.
The package is portable enough to mount on any shelf in the kitchen. An included simple-to-mount brace gives you a comfortable time when setting up the speaker in your kitchen. Just choose any wall that you prefer and you’ll be good to go.
Once paired with your phone or tablet, you can adjust the volume of the speaker through the paired device. The volume is crisp and clear, allowing you to groove to your playlist as you prepare a sumptuous meal.

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iHome Under-cabinet Speaker

This is another unique wireless kitchen speaker that won’t clutter your tabletop. The iHome can easily be mounted on the wall so that you have enough space for all your ingredients on the worktable.
It boasts sleek sound delivery to discreetly bring your best jams to the cooking space. The speaker also features 20 FM radio channel presets for when you want to listen to radio programs. On the downside, the front panel features several control buttons, which seem unnecessary.
With this Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to everything from breaking news, weather updates, celebrity gossip, and the top ten playlists in the country as you bake and blend. Another great feature of the unit is the incorporated kitchen timer and lights, which will be ideal for your contemporary kitchen.
Lastly, you get unlimited connectivity on the iHome under-cabinet speaker. Whether you are using an iPod, iPhone, tablet, TV, Android, or Blackberry phone, nothing will stop the music! If you want to find out more about the kitchen speakers and all kinds of other Bluetooth speakers go to

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Zankel Bluetooth Speaker

This cylindrically shaped speaker will offer your cooking area a new lease of life. Its frame allows you to hang it at the center of the ceiling to enjoy 360-degree sound production that fills the entire kitchen.
The speaker employs a combination of noise reduction technology and an integrated stereo-widening chip to provide an optimal balance between low and high-frequency sounds. An IPX6 rating ensures that the unit won’t get damaged when you accidentally splash it with water.
Meanwhile, the easy-to-operate control wheel lets you adjust the volume by rotating it. With its Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, the Zankel can connect to devices up to 60 feet away. This also makes it a great outdoor speaker when you finish your business in the kitchen.

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