What Types Of Wedding Style and Menu Is The Best Fit For Your Country-Themed Wedding?

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This week after my visit back to the state I grew up in, Alabama I realized that one method for you to customize your wedding ceremony and create an unique design is to incorporate elements of the city or the state you or your fiance are from. The final product will be wedding programs that are unique and reflects the person you are as couples. There are many ways to using this theme in your wedding. I hope the five suggestions below can inspire you to consider other ways to create a theme that is truly yours!

1. Incorporate your personal state flower arrangements

What’s your favorite flower from your home state? This is a fantastic method to add a unique “touch” to your wedding arrangements. The flower can be included in your centerpieces, in your bouquet, and even in your ceremony flower arrangements.

2. Create your tables in honor of your most loved cities or regions that you are from home states.

Remember the towns and towns you traveled for your families as you were a kid? What better way to name the tables in honor of the places you’ve always loved? Print the names of the tables at home on your computer. put them into large picture frames that match your decor . Place them on tables for guests. You can also get the wedding menu cards professionally printed to create a more professional look.

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3. Backgrounds for photography to enhance your guests’ to enjoy!

There’s nothing more thrilling to be an attendee at a wedding than actually being involved in some way with the wedding’s celebrations. Invite your guests to be involved by providing a photo area or station during the reception (or during cocktail hour) in which they can snap professional pictures against the backdrop that is in line with the “home town” wedding theme. The incredibly skilled team at Catherine J. Gross Photography capture breathtaking photos. You could even offer the frames so that they can take the photos home to keep as a souvenir. There are then also some really cool photo booth hire companies that can provide you with an exceptional photo booth for your wedding, we used on for a Birmingham wedding recently ( and they were incredible so well worth a look if you are getting married in the UK.

4. What is your state “known for”?

A particular fruit? A particular kind of culture? A well-known saying? A famous dessert? Each state has the “claim to fame” so it’s common to find it easy to incorporate this element into your wedding’s theme. It’s possible to center your whole theme around your home state’s claim to fame or add tiny design elements that reflect “the thing” in your centerpieces and table numbers, guests favors or custom wedding cakes. This is a great idea: conduct the Google search on “what is known for” you’ll discover a plethora of fantastic ideas!

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5. Include elements from your most memorable childhood meal in your wedding menu

Everybody has a favorite meal their grandmother or mother used to cook as a child that can make your mouth water at the idea of it! The easiest method to personalize the menu for your wedding is to think of your favorite childhood meals and consider whether they could be modified to suit the wedding. It is important to exercise some discretion with your menu , and ensure that the menu you choose to serve is in keeping to the formality the event. It’s not ideal to serve meatballs and spaghetti for a formal dinner as not all childhood favorites are suitable for formal sit-down dinners… Perhaps you can but I would strongly recommend against it. I cannot imagine anything worse than trying to clean spaghetti stains off the wedding gown!

My suggestion would be to hold a brainstorming session with your partner and luxury wedding planners to brainstorm ideas for adding your own “hometown” element to your wedding. You’ll be amazed at the number of innovative ideas you develop as a team. Additionally, an online wedding registry is so helpful for your guests because they will know exactly what gifts you want to receive. You can talk about the wedding venue such as the wedding venues in Flagstaff that can be a perfect place to celebrate your special day.

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