Why is My Coffee Maker So Slow?

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Coffee is the very first thing that you need to start your day. A cup of coffee works as an energy booster for a good kick-start. And a slower than ever coffee maker is the last thing you’d like to deal with in your buddy schedule. But many of our readers tend to come up with a problem, “Why is my coffee maker so slow?”
If you’re going through the same phase, this article is for you! Here, we’ve chronicled some of the main reasons behind a slow coffee maker. And guess what? We’ve brought to you some of the coolest solutions to this bizarre issue! Give this article a minute if you’ve got no intention to suffer anymore.

The Coffee Maker Brewing Slow

We’ve heard that you’re going through Mr. Coffee slow brewing problems. Why is your coffee maker brewing slow? What are the hacks to bring back the old speed of your small 4 cup coffee maker? There can be various reasons why your coffee machine is not brewing as swiftly as it used to. There can be unwanted mineral deposits in the interior parts of your coffee maker.
People who use tap water for preparing coffee in their coffee machines tend to have limestones and calcium inside the coffee maker. Using mineral-infused tap water can harm your coffee maker and make it taste worse. It’s a major factor behind the slow brew coffee maker.

  • Unwanted mineral build-up
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Coffee grains have oil in them, and you extract them by running water through it in the coffee pot. And we all know that mineral water constitutes lime and calcium. That mineral builds up in your coffee machine can be the reason behind weird coffee taste or gross smell.

  • Abnormal water flow

When the water in the coffee machine is not able to flow simultaneously, it means the coffee machine tube is jammed. That’s why the liquid isn’t flowing thoroughly.
You may need to wipe and rinse the clogged parts of your slow coffee maker. Cleaning and rinsing the clogged hose and valve can help you a lot to fasten your slow coffee pot.

Cleaning Your Coffee Pot

Is your coffee maker too slow to brew you some coffee? Maybe it needs some cleaning. Cleaning a coffee maker is not a rigorous task that’ll consume your valuable time from your daily schedule. You won’t even have to splash your cash for cleaning your small coffee pot. Apple cider vinegar, citric acid, or any sort of descaling solution are some ideal ingredients that can clean your coffee pot.
Let’s tell you the exact process of cleaning your coffee pot-

  • Routine cleaning after every use

If you don’t want your coffee pot to damage, in the long run, take some minimal care of it after each use. You can disassemble every part and clean the detachable parts. Submerge the parts of the coffee maker in soapy water and use a dishrag for wiping the unwanted dirt and moisture. And then assemble them back.

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  • Deep cleaning and rinsing

In some cases, the problems in your coffee pot can be so severe that daily cleaning may not be enough. Usually, cleaning machines are not that cheap to afford. So, we’ve thought about trying some home remedies.

  1. Make a water-vinegar solution. You can also use apple cider vinegar. Use water and vinegar in equal portions. The amount of the solution solely depends on the machine size.
  2. Keep the solution inside the pot and reservoir for some moments. Switch on the coffee pot so that it can run some brewing time. Then turn off the switch once it’s half full.
  3. Do not bring out the solution instantly. Allow it to be in the reservoir and pot for a while. That will fasten the eradication of dirt and fungus.
  4. After pouring out the solution, rinse the pot in normal water.
  5. Wipe the coffee machine using a soft, cotton cloth.

Faulty Espresso Machine Parts:

It’s possible that your coffee machine is just slow because of faulty espresso machine parts. If you’re experiencing problems with your espresso machine, it may be time to replace some of the parts. Getting replacement for espresso machine parts helps to fix slow coffee makers in most cases.

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Prevention of Slow Brewing

If your coffee maker takes a long time to brew, maybe you should take some preventive methods to make your coffee machine productive, clean, and functional. We suggest you wash and wipe each detachable part of your coffee maker after use. That’ll wash away any residual coffee grain or oil in it.
And a deep clean using vinegar, soapy water will make it work like a snap! The interior hose and valves usually need some care if you’re functioning your coffee machine for a long time. Taking some care of your coffee pot will prevent you from ranting, “My coffee pot is brewing slow!”



In this article, we’ve answered all the questions that you had about your slow coffee machine. If you’ve been through this article, you’ll no longer be ranting, “Why is my coffee maker so slow?”
We’ve discussed some of the hacks that’ll aid you to deal with your slow coffee machine. You won’t need any extra equipment if you follow our instructions. We’ve been through several brainstorming hours to provide you with some valuable suggestions. Let us know if it comes in handy!

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