10 kitchen items you need to cook your vegan meal

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Right now, veganism is a popular topic. Famous influencers are also influencing everyone to go vegan because of the mark veganism has left on health, the surrounding environment, and animal welfare. As an old or new vegan, you will agree that going vegan helped you improve your performance. 

There are a lot of benefits of a vegan lifestyle, and for that, you’ll need a specific type of tool. Unlike nonvegans, vegans don’t use any type of kitchenware to prepare their food. Vegan food is more sensible.

Here are 10 kitchen items that you need to cook your vegan meal. 

1. Chopping Board

Vegan means vegetables and fruits that require a lot of chopping unless you plan to eat them raw. You can chop all your vegan food on the table or the ground, but it will only ruin the place. Just get a chopping board instead. 

Vegan food comes in different sizes, so I would suggest you get a large chopping board so you can put all your food on it and start slicing them into pieces.

Don’t bug plastic boards cause they won’t last long enough. Go for chopping boards that are made out of bamboo or hardwood. They will sustain. 

2. Knife Set

Vegan food comes in different shapes and sizes. To cut them in the right way, you will also need a set of knives, from small to large. A knife set is an important kitchen tool for everyone. Good knives will let you cut vegetables at a fast pace. 

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Choosing a good set of knives is more of an investment than a waste of money. You will need it daily to cook meals for yourself and your family. But be careful while using it. Don’t cut yourself. 

3. Food Processor

A food processor can save you a lot of time. You can always cut off small food, then dress it and mix it yourself, but a food processor will do it for you. Food processors are easy to clean, quick to assemble, and chops fruits in an amazing way. 

4. Instant Pot

Instant pots can make you some delicious meals. If you plan to eat a lot of items simultaneously and feel that cooking them one by one will take a lot of time, then get an instant pot for yourself.

The issue is, instant pots don’t last long. But they are good for cooking some mouth-watering vegan meals in no time. 

5. Garlic Press

There are very few vegans who don’t eat garlic. They are nutritious and good for health. To be one of the most demanded vegetables and be a part of the vegan lifestyle, garlic press was introduced in the market. 

Garlic press will be a fantastic addition to your kitchen as it will chop down your garlic in small pieces. This will make it easy for you to prepare garlic for any dish you want. 

6. Microwave

Microwave is a lifesaver, and everyone knows about it. Microwave is an amazing kitchen tool for both vegans and nonvegans. With the help of a microwave, you won’t need to do much cooking. 

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You can roast beans, corn, and heathen up your vegan meals in no time. In terms of vegan meals, there are plenty of recipes that you can do with a microwave. You can even do experiments and make new dishes. Be smart and get a microwave to cook meals in minutes. 

7. Cookware Set

A cookware set contains a set of tools to use. The tools can count up to 12 to 15 items that include stainless steel and many more. A set of tools that you must need for everyday cooking. 

As you put all your fruits and vegetables in it, the stainless steel will cover all the moisture as you cook your meal. The cookware’s surface won’t lock on to your dish, so you can easily shake and spread your meals to mix everything together. 

The set contains different types of items so you can cook heavy meals, burn fries, smash burgers, and whatever you like. 

8. Tofu Press

Tofu is one of the most delicious items that a vegan can eat. If you know how to prepare and decorate tofu, the guests will leave your house licking their fingers. While cooking, you might face issues smashing it as you try to remove the water inside it, and that’s where the tofu press comes in.

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The tofu press will slowly remove its water, making it accessible for cooking giving it a pleasant texture. So if you’re into cooking tofu’s then get a tofu press for yourself. 

9. Blender

Blenders do a great job in smashing small fruits and vegetables to convert them into smoothies. Why use your hands and smashing tools to mix all the items together when a blender can do it all for you. Moreover, you won’t see any solid pieces of leaves or veggies in your smoothies or soups. 

10. Avocado Cutter 

Avocados are full of protein. As a vegan, you should know that avocados are full of vitamin E and help you to lower cholesterol. Even nonvegans are fond of avocados just because of their benefits. Using an avocado cutter, you can easily cut and slice the fruit in no time. Most importantly, you won’t even need to get your hands dirty. 


Vegetables and fruits might seem easy to cook, but getting your hands on some amazing cookware won’t do you any harm. Most vegans use this list of items as health concerns and consume dishes requiring tools like these.

You might also have some of these items already, and if you feel like the mentioned items can really help you, then do get the essentials for yourself. I hope it works for you.

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