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It’s safe to say that on most days, it is food that can pull you out of your mind fog. The COVID-19 pandemic had us all turning to the one thing we could turn to in such an unstable time, and that was food. Home-cooked meals are amazing. However, sometimes it’s only food from outside which can soothe all your cravings. 

The pandemic hit restaurants and food companies hard. However, some food products saw a massive increase in sales during the pandemic, largely because of TikTok and the internet. If you’re thinking of trying out products from some new companies, read on as we give you all the information in this article.

1. Salty Road 

Salty Road is a small saltwater taffy selling shop in Brooklyn, NY. Their salt water taffy is to die for. You can go ahead and buy this in as many flavours as you’d like. It’s available in the original flavour as well as fusions of banana, watermelon, grape, and peanut butter. You might have seen all the taffy pulling videos on Instagram and Tiktok. Why not order a batch for yourself?

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They make all the candy by hand at Salty Road, so you get the most authentic product. People often complain about taffy being too sweet, but this company makes sure time and time again that the balance of flavours is perfect.

2.  Beyond Meat 

This company is now slowly becoming a pioneer in plant-based meat alternatives. Beyond Meat is made from simple ingredients which they derive from plants.  They don’t have any GMOs or synthetic additions which might harm your health. With the increase in people preferring to eat a vegan or vegetarian diet, products of this kind are quickly gaining popularity. If you’re confused if the burger will taste anything like meat, it’s best to order some products and try them out. 

Beyond Meat has already entered the supply chain of most fast-food restaurants in the United States. You can go to various fast-food restaurants and order yourself a Beyond burger as a vegan option. This convenience makes the company great for the environment and one with substantial profits in the years to come. 

3. Samyang Foods

They may not be the best ramen in the market. However, it is the most popular. The South Korean ramen quickly created quite a hype when it started showing up in Mukbang videos as the spiciest noodle in existence. These videos on YouTube caused its fame to grow, and people started doing a spicy noodle challenge using the Samyang ramen. Even if you’re not someone who like spicy noodle challenges, you should check out some of the other options which the company has. The carbonara-flavoured noodles and some of the individual hot sauces are some of the best products by the brand. 

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4. Hot Ones

You have seen the Hot One’s show hosted by Sean Evans on and YouTube, where he interviews different celebrities while feeding them spicy wings. If you want to try it for yourself and see how you would do, you can order the Hot Ones hot sauces online. The company allows you to buy one, a couple, or all of them so you can do the Hot Ones interview with your friends at home and expose each other. 

It’s a fun product that is well worth the hype. Even if you don’t like hot sauces, you can start a collection using the package. The concept of the product is tremendous, along with the intense marketing it gets on YouTube. If you want to be one of the stars, all you have to do is buy a hot sauce 

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5. G Fuel 

If you’re someone who games a lot, you may want to go out and buy yourself a mix of G Fuel. It’s a brand of caffeinated drink mix which was established by Gamma Labs in New York. Endorsed by internet personalities including PewdiePie, G Fuel markets itself as the choice of drink for gamers. The creators claim that drinking this energy drink will give you a better reaction time in all your games. You will have more clarity and focus as a direct result of drinking this drink. A review of the most popular G Fuel flavours informs us that it is extremely delicious without being too sweet.

Final Thoughts 

If you’re looking to have some fun with your food, you should try out the products we mentioned above. All of these products have been tried by millions of people and are very popular on social media. They allow you to be safe and adventurous at the same time.

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