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If you are planning a barbecue this weekend, surprise the family with slightly different and more creative recipes. Barbecue is both an art and a skill that is gained through experience. To get juicy and soft pieces of meat in the end, you need to know some basic rules. The first rule is to get one of the best small grill to make your food so make sure you look at reviews before purchasing one. Grilled meats and vegetables always have a special aroma and sweetness. And when you add a great smoke-flavored marinade, you get a phenomenal barbecue. Meat is best if you marinate it in the evening, the day before grilling, and it is worth the wait. Remember to add a little acid like lemon juice or vinegar to the marinade. Check out 5 fantastic barbecue recipes:

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1. Wash the chicken breast. In a bowl, mix lemon, honey, salt, pepper, ginger, rosemary, and sugar. Grill the chicken breast on the grill, and when they are almost done, remove them to a plate. In a separate bowl, heat the olive oil and add the mixture of lemon, honey, and spices. Let the sauce simmer with constant stirring. The honey and sugar should be dissolved, and the sauce should be slightly sticky. Then add the chicken breast and let it cook all over again.

2. Chop the parsley leaves into small pieces and ham and cheese into cubes. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and add 200 ml of olive oil and 200 ml of spicy sauce and stir a little more. Put salt and pepper to your taste. Leave it in the fridge for 45 minutes. Fill the squid with the prepared fillet and bake for 10 minutes on all sides.

3. In a bowl, mix Greek yogurt, 200 ml of olive oil, some garlic in the granules, and parsley. Cut the chicken into steaks and place in the marinade for at least two hours. After marinating the steaks, grill on each side. If you like Eastern flavors, this is the recipe for your taste. Whisk the dry ingredients into the pan with the oil, then mix everything with yogurt and juice and orange peel.

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4. The chicken will taste great if you marinate it with honey, lemon, garlic, red pepper, and spices. Keep the chicken in the marinade overnight. After removing the meat from the marinade, roast it for a few minutes on each side.

5. They are one of the most popular potato preparations. The idea of frying potatoes while standing next to a hot oven is not exactly the most appealing one. In this case, you will be glad to hear the grilled french fries recipe. Roll the chopped potatoes into melted butter and place on double aluminum foil. Bend the edges to make a foil pan. Heat the grill and place the foil on the grid. Bake the fries for 20-30 minutes. Occasionally shake the foil to prevent the potatoes from sticking to the bottom. Finally, sprinkle with cheese slices. When the cheese has melted, the fries are ready.

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