5 Menace of Having Dental Implants

Smile send-offs a lot of meaning. A smile can be a form of gratitude or unconscious response to the things that offer you joy and laughter. It is said that a person who loves to smile genuinely, when compared to a person having a blank expression, has been found to be a more attractive being. It changes someone’s aura, giving a person a different type of vibrancy transforming him into a meek, friendly, youthful, and approachable individual. It is contagious that this simple gesture of kindness can change somebody’s mood throughout the day. 

The perfect smile of an individual strongly relies on his beautiful teeth. Smiling has been deprived too many as they are having dental problems. This limits them to confidently share a small act of kindness. According to the FDI World Dental Federation, 44% or 3.9 billion people all around the world are suffering from untreated tooth decay. The figure covers almost half of the total population of the world. Serious gum diseases are affecting the middle-aged. This causes the tooth to fall out permanently leaving dental gaps. 

Oral diseases and problems affect people’s everyday life. An aching tooth can change someone’s mood and diastemata (gaps or space between teeth) can affect someone’s confidence leading a person to isolate himself affecting his social relationships. In order to remedy the problem, some seek professional dental advice and some undergo dental cosmetics procedures or use techniques for this. Clear aligners are effective for fixing crooked teeth, as Modern Orthodontics explains. It can be in the form of veneers if you wish to achieve a Hollywood-like smile, braces for unaligned teeth, teeth whitening for those who wish to have bright teeth and dental implants for those who lost their tooth permanently. Dental implants are highly recommended as the best solution after a permanent tooth extraction or if you want to avoid the hassle of retaining dentures. This is to maintain the natural biting force, support the adjacent teeth to avoid misalignment, and enable natural speech giving you comfort and self-esteem.

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As we speak of tooth extraction and you would like to have your tooth extracted as soon as possible, view the page to learn more.

What are Dental Implants?

According to a cosmetic dentistry professional, dental implants are a replacement for tooth roots. These are made of titanium cylinder screws that are implanted into the jaw bone through surgery. It is then mounted with a tooth which is called a crown which is customized to look like it is natural. Healthy gums, adequate bone support, and outstanding oral hygiene are just a few requirements to be able to get dental implants. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry considers two types of dental implants. These are:

  • Endosteal implants- are implants that are directly inserted into the jaw bone.
  • Subperiosteal implants- are implants recommended for patients who have unhealthy jaw bone. A metal frame is fitted along the jaw bone instead to support it. Once it is fixed, implants will be inserted into it.
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Advantages/Menace of having dental implants:

  • Natural look and comfortable fit.

Dental implants are specially made to match the color, size, and structure of your teeth making you feel comfortable as if it is original. It is considered to be more hygienic than using dentures. Since dental implants are looking like they are real ones, no one can notice their difference. You can now smile, eat, and talk without reservations. 

  • High Success Rate

It has been reported that 95% of the procedures are successful. New technologies and techniques are helping dentists become experts on dental implantations.  Your dental implants will undoubtedly be successful with proper care and regular visits to your Edmonton Dentist.

  • Enables Natural Speech and Easy to Care for

Our speech is largely influenced by our teeth. The ability to speak at a fast and clear pace is barred if dentures are loose. This had become a problem for denture wearers. The sturdy and permanent feature of dental implants enables people to pronounce and perfectly create sounds. Due to customization, you can deliver words just like your previous self. 

  • Easier eating
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Implants are designed to support the teeth to chew and bite. The use of dentures will prohibit you to enjoy eating as it blocks your taste buds. The entire process is affected by dentures. This is why dental implants are designed just like natural teeth making it stable and safe to enjoy your favorite food. Difficult to chew food will no longer be a problem.  

  • Durable and convenient

Dental implants eradicate the inconvenience as it requires no special products to clean and maintain. You will no longer spend time putting adhesives to keep it in place and worry that it will fall out anytime. It will really save you from embarrassing moments at restaurants. Durable materials are used for implants; they are selected to last for a lifetime with proper care.

These advantages of dental implants are making professional dentists recommend and consider being the best option. Dental implants are low maintenance and we can consider this as our investment for long-term well-being and health. Oral health plays a big role in improving our general health. We must take care of our oral health up to our top priorities. If you think you need a switch from dentures to dental implants or get invisalign, schedule your dental consultation with a professional dentist now!

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