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Most adults keep their birthday celebrations small and simple, with a family dinner or a special date night. However, when it comes to a milestone birthday, so they keep their annual celebrations small and simple. They celebrate with a family dinner or a special date night with the spouse. However, when it’s a milestone birthday, a big party is one that deserves an awesome party and here we look at how that is possible at home, whether you want a formal or fun event.

Pick a theme

Choosing a theme helps you decide not only how you want to decorate your home, but also the food you will offer. You can be as creative as you like and mix up some ideas and incorporate the theme into your birthday cake as well. Maybe link the theme to your favorite hobby.

If you are a bookworm, decorate with vintage books or pages from the newspapers. If you are a sporty person, decorate with some sports equipment that dates through your life, like old baseball bats, an old football or wooden skis and add in photographs of your sporting heroes.

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If you offer photography services to capture special moments in time for people, this wholesale backdrops company can create many photographic opportunities all in one space, saving you time and money, creating a festive holiday scene or a sweet first birthday smash cake session!


When organizing a birthday party at home for your loved one, don’t forget to leave some space where guests can leave their gifts for the celebrant. Birthday gifts for friends can be things that link in with their interests and hobbies, whether books, movies, subscriptions or gift cards for them to spend as they wish. If you are looking for awesome birthday gifts for girlfriend or boyfriend, you would be expected to gift the best present on the day.

For your boyfriend, this would be something romantic if you could give him this fantastic pinky ring here! And the other way aound, to show how much you appreciate your girlfriend, giving her such as a bouquet or a piece of jewelry from is another lovely option. For him, it could also be jewelry or something great for fashionable person similar to this cuban chain by statementcollective.

Buffet food

When there is not enough space for a seated meal, create a buffet table where everyone can help themselves. Mini pizzas are great for a party and sandwiches and wraps are another very popular party food, serve with a selection of fillings that link in with your theme if you can.

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Mini burgers are fun, and you can serve stick of vegetables like carrot, peppers and cucumber in shot glasses along with your favourite dips. A cheese platter is always a popular choice. For sweet dishes, offer cupcakes and brownies as well as strawberries dipped in chocolate, which are all simple to make and delicious.

Private chef

A private chef will not only cook an amazing meal, but they will also do all the shopping and serving, doing all the hard work for you so that you can relax and spend time with your guests. The cena romántica is a common romantic gesture in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Use an agency to hire a private chef who has been vetted and trialed. All they need from you is your location, date and the number of guests. Then select one of their set menus and let them do the rest. On the day, your chef will arrive an hour or two before you are due to eat to prepare and serve your meal. Before they leave your home, they will do a full clean of your kitchen, clear for you to use.

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Photos, Photos, Photos

Make sure you have someone taking photographs at your party. As most phones can take excellent photographs, ask one of your friends to take photographs as their birthday present to you. Set up an online photo album where everyone can add their digital photographs and create their own printed album of the day.

For yourself, have all the photographs printed in a bound book that you can treasure at home without going online.

For some fun, rent a photo booth where your guests can take photographs wearing fancy dress glasses, moustaches and hats. This allows some to take photos home the same evening.

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