6 Classic Flower Arrangements for Stunning Bouquets at Home

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Few things can bring as much as joy and happiness to your life like flowers can. They smell great and can help take the look and aesthetic of a room to the  next level. Flowers are also easier to get than ever thanks to discount flower delivery and the ability to find a ton of great flowers online.

But what flowers should you look to combine together in arrangements for a stunning bouquet at home? Well, there are some outstanding and perfect combinations and arrangements like the ones at birth month flowers shop that are a good place to start. 

Without any further ado, let’s go over some classic and brilliant flower arrangements for gorgeous bouquets around your home.

Add Various Large Blossoms

If you want your bouquet and arrangement to really stand out and capture attention, consider utilizing various large blooms. One of the most popular inclusions is the rose. This beautiful flower has a unique look and adequate size, and also comes in various colors and is particularly known for its romance. Of course, be sure that all the plants and flowers you have in your home are not toxic to your pets.

In addition to being a very romantic and popular flower, roses are also popular to use as an edible flower in wedding menus or at home. While roses are a popular option for this type of bouquet, they aren’t the only one. Other options include dahlias, peonies, hydrangeas, and many others.

All of these can be mixed and matched to create a dense and lush arrangement that is sure to look wonderful.

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Get a Taste of the Tropics

While there are many different themes you can have for your bouquets and arrangements, one of the most beloved is a tropical theme. They can provide the feel of a tropical vacation escape, right in your living room. As you could imagine, all of these can go incredibly well with the  tropical decor in your home

The types of flowers that can be included in these tropical-focused bouquets include hibiscus, lilies, orchids, canna, anthurium, just to name a few. Many of these come in incredibly vibrant colors, and feature more powerful and noticeable scents.

Of course, some flowers can be more difficult to tend to and keep healthy, so be sure you know the needs of these tropical flowers before deciding to add them to your home. For example, many need a lot of sun and prefer to be in slightly warmer areas than those that are cold.

Use Complementary Colors

One of the biggest considerations to make when creating a bouquet or arrangement is the colors of the flowers. While there are several options to use, one of the best is to use complementary colors. These are essentially colors on the other side of the color wheel from each other.

They look great when put together and can bring a lot of energy and excitement to your space. The reason for why these two opposite colors look great together is actually because they play off of the intensity of each other and balance out.

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Examples of complementary colors include blue and orange, red and green, and purple and yellow. While an outfit featuring these colors would be a little bold, they can look incredible when it comes to flowers.

Go With a Cohesive Color Scheme

While using complementary colors is a good choice for bouquets, don’t be afraid to use colors that are similar. A cohesive color scheme can also look great when deciding how to design your arrangements or bouquets.

This simply involves choosing flowers that are similar in color to the others in the bouquet. This uniformity can look incredible and help each flower contribute to the appearance of the one beside it, not potentially distract from it. No matter what your favorite color is or what color you have in mind for your bouquet, you will surely be able to find some colors that match up with your preferences.

Of course, feel free to experiment with different shades, too. When doing this, it is a good idea to make sure the color scheme you go with works well with the decor or colors in your home. Too much of one color can look bad, as can colors that directly clash with everything else you have going on in the home.

Create a Tiered Arrangement

Another option for making some beautiful arrangements for bouquets is to use flowers of different heights. This tiered approach can be very visually appealing, and allow you to use many different types of flowers in the same arrangement. It has layers unlike many bouquets that feature flowers that all share a similar height and reach.

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You can choose flowers that have naturally shorter stems, or simply cut down the stems of standard flowers, for the lower tiers. Of course, choose colors that work well with one another from tier to tier.

Of course, be sure to strip stems of leaves. Because this tiered arrangement will often have multiple kinds of flowers, the vase can be full of leaves simply floating in the water, which doesn’t look great.

Go With What You Like

These bouquets in your home should reflect your own unique tastes, preferences, and interests. As a result, feel free to use whatever kinds of flowers you want in your bouquets. It could be flowers that you think smell good, ones that look great or ones that match well with the decor in your home.

Even if these flower combinations wouldn’t normally be seen or advised, if you like them, that is reason enough to have them in your home. It is your space, so don’t let the opinions of others sour what you want it to look like.

Flowers come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and scents, so we are sure you can find one that you love and will want in your home.

Any of these aforementioned arrangements will look great in your bouquets at home. They can add a bit of flair and beauty to any room and take the aesthetic of the room to new heights.

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