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4 Tips That Will Change the Way You Brew Coffee at Home

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Coffee enthusiasts are always on the lookout for ways to make their cups of coffee better. Trying out different recipes, preparation methods, and all sorts of crazy experiments aren’t out of the ordinary if you’re one – but all the creativity in the world doesn’t help much if you forget the basics.

Your morning will be brewed with a sweet and aromatic coffee from A great coffee recipe is always about following the instructions right, but you need to go above and beyond if you want a truly amazing cup. Steps like being super careful about how much coffee you use, the water quality, and your instruments matter a lot, and a few simple steps can really help you get that coffee perfect every time.
Keep reading for some awesome coffee brewing tips!

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

No matter how flawless your coffee brewing technique is, it’s no use if you don’t want to experiment with different recipes and new combinations now and again. There are countless coffee roaster recipes out there for you to try out, and they each go well with different things.
Don’t get too stuck up on your preferred routine or that single recipe, and you’re good. Let’s take the example of barrel aged coffee – just one type of coffee among many. Depending on what type of barrel it’s aged in, it can have fruity, woody, nutty undertones. Some companies age coffee in the same barrels they make wine in, and can you imagine the taste of that?

2. Use a Scale

There are a lot of coffee recipes out there and they all call for a certain number of tablespoons of coffee in them, but the problem is that every type of coffee has a different density. One tablespoon of coffee from one recipe will have more coffee than a tablespoon from another, and it may end up affecting your own recipes too.
This is why you need to use a scale, so you always put the same weight of coffee in your cups. It also ensures consistency in your recipes in case you’re making them a lot or in large quantities.

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3. Use Whole Bean Coffee

If you’re new to coffee, you might not know about the process called degassing, which means that the minute coffee is crushed up, it starts losing its natural flavour and aroma. If you really want your coffee to have maximum flavour, you need to start using whole bean coffee in all your recipes.

It might mean you need to do some extra effort, but once you feel the difference you’ll find out that the effort is well worth it. Switching to whole bean coffee will open you up to a whole new level of flavor and aroma that just wasn’t there in your coffee before.

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4. Be Careful About Water Quality

Coffee might be the main attraction of your cup, but most of what’s in there will still be water. Most places usually have high quality tap water that can be used for brewing the perfect cup, but you’ll need to go the extra length if you think there’s a chance filtered or bottled water would be better.
This may seem like a really small thing, and you might think that the taste of the water will be masked by the coffee, or that it won’t even be detectable, but these little slips in your brewing technique can really have an adverse effect on the end product.

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