6 Lessons I have Learned From Cooking Adobo Chicken

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Well, who doesn’t like chicken? Chicken is the main ingredient for many different recipes. Adobo chicken is a Filipino recipe where the chicken is marinated in soya sauce and spices. Then, those chicken pieces are pan-fried and stewed until they are soft. The dish is famous because it is easier to make, delicious and it teaches us some valuable lessons. Some of the lessons that I have learned from cooking adobo chicken are as follows.

Adobo reflects culture

Adobo represents the Filipino culture, but it must not be forgotten that the dish can be molded according to one’s own culture, which means the Indians can make it their way, the English can make it their way, and the Chinese can make it their way, this dish becomes personal. Culture connects people; therefore, you must respect everyone’s culture and embrace yours.

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Diversity in a dish can create the best outcomes

Adobo is a Filipino dish, which means marinade. There is a different set of ingredients, for example, soya sauce from the Chinese, spices from Indians and so much more, you can check out how to make adobo seasoning here. These ingredients are used in making the adobo chicken, and in the end, a great dish is made. When different cultures come up together, the outcome is delicious and worth it. This means that when people from different cultures come up together, they can have a significant impact on society.

Small gestures can create a more considerable effect

Food tastes better when it is shared with people. Sharing food means spreading happiness; therefore, it is necessary to share your adobo chicken with other people. When you share your food, you are sharing your culture indirectly. Others get to taste your culture and your home which causes happiness and shows that you care. The act of sharing may get you some fantastic friends.

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One must be selfless

Vinegar in Adobo can be added as much as you want, which makes me think, is too much or too little vinegar good for everybody? Making of Adobo taught me that if I keep doing what I want, I can hurt many others; I must think of others and care for others before I choose my life. By being selfless, you can gain happiness and the way to other people’s hearts.

Everyone is equal despite their differences

When Adobo is finally made, there is a higher chance of its color being dark or light than you made it the last time, but despite the color, it is still Adobo. This taught me that no matter what the color, caste, religion of a human being, maybe they are all equal and must be treated equally.

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Slow and steady wins the race

The key to Adobo is the slow cooking stew that brings out all the rich flavors and makes the dish so tasty. In life, when we rush things, there is a huge chance that we will not get the desired outcome. Therefore, it is necessary to move slow and steady, the journey may be delayed, but you will get where you want to with the best results.

To summarize this, Adobo chicken is giving many life lessons that one should try to follow for a better tomorrow.

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