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Perfectly cooked chicken is one of the essential ingredients for your casserole and chicken dishes. It doesn’t only make food delicious but also looks great. To cook a delicious and amazing-looking casserole, you must learn how to cook chicken pieces in a pan. Often, you make the chicken pieces too dry, uncooked, or tasteless. Do you know why it happens? Perhaps, you don’t know the right cooking process for chicken pieces. So, let us bring the proper process of cooking chicken for you. Don’t worry! It won’t take more than 8 to 10 minutes.

Best Way to Cook Chicken Pieces in a Pan

Preparing the chicken is impressively comfortable as there are multiple ways of cooking it. Cooking the chicken pieces in a pan is one of those lots of cooking processes. So, how to cook chicken pieces in a pan? If you grasp our given process, you can do it quickly and correctly.

Instruction 1: Cut Your Chicken

In the beginning, you have to wash your chicken correctly and cut it. If you’re cooking the chicken for any type of snack, you should take the breast piece. Cut the breast piece into small pieces or large chunks, depending on what types of snakes you’re preparing. The chicken pieces compulsorily don’t have to be perfect and even. So, even if your knife skill is terrific, it isn’t a big issue.

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Instruction 2: Flatten the Chicken Pieces

If you have cut the chicken into more significant pieces, you must flatten them. The stove cannot heat the more significant chicken pieces even if it has not appropriately flattened. Put the sliced chicken into a Ziplock bag. With a heavy rolling pin, flatten the chicken pieces evenly.

Instruction 3: Add Spices and Season the Chicken Pieces

Now, add sea salt and several types of spices with the meat pieces. It is called seasoning! You can add various kinds of spices when seasoning the meat pieces. But applying the black pepper is compulsory to add the basic taste of the meat. Of course, this will add a flavor to the chicken pieces.

Instruction 4: Pre-Heat the Cooking Pan

After seasoning the meat, keep them aside for 30 minutes at least. Now, pre-heat the pan which you’re going to use for cooking. Increase the heat of the gas stove so that the pan gets warm fast. Add olive oil into the pan and wait until it warms up. If you need to look at few best-selling cookware for gas stove, Check this list

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Instruction 5: Cook the Chicken Pieces

So, the chicken pieces have become ready for cooking. After warming up the olive oil, keep the stove heat at medium high. Add the ready chicken pieces into the frying pan one after one. When adding the chicken, make sure they don’t get stuck with each other. If there are lots of chicken pieces, you can keep them for the second round of frying.

Instruction 6: Stir the Chicken Pieces

In the case of the small chicken pieces, stir them frequently after a few minutes. Continue the process until they become brown. Conversely, for the large pieces of chicken, flip the chicken when one side becomes brown. Bring out the chicken from the stove when the other side also becomes brown and juicy.

Instruction 7: Decorate the Cooked Chicken

Decorate the cooked chicken with salad and mint as you like. If you’ve cooked the chicken for any snacks, add it directly.

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Can You Cook Raw Chicken in The Pan?

Of course, you can cook the raw chicken directly in the frying pan. The process of cooking raw chicken is the same as given in our article.

How Long Do Small Pieces of Chicken Take to Cook?

If the chicken pieces are small and boneless, it will take 8-11 minutes to cook properly. Conversely, each side of the breast chicken with the bone will take 11-15 minutes. So, overall, the bone, including breast pieces of chicken, needs 30 minutes to fry in the pan.


The Sum Up!

Eating chicken helps to build our muscles and body. Frankly speaking, small pieces of chicken are easy to digest compared to large pieces. But as we don’t know how to cook chicken pieces in a pan, preparing delicious items becomes tougher. Grab our ideas and implement the consecutive steps of cooking chicken pieces.

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