What is the Secret to Fried Chicken?

One of the most popular take away meals in the USA, as well as in other parts of the world, is fried chicken. It’s also a top dish for eating in restaurants, and a great one for cooking at home. Before we explain why take at OnTheGas.com where you will find a wealth of information and advice on fried chicken, and there’s some interesting facts in there we bet you don’t know! Why is fried chicken so popular, and what’s the secret to getting it just right? Let’s see if we can find out!

Why Fried Chicken is Popular 

There’s no doubt fried chicken is one of the most loved meals in the USA, but why? There are many reasons, not least the many different fried chicken recipes that give the dish some different touches. One of the main attractions is that it’s an easy meal to cook. Also, chicken is plentiful, cheap and can be eaten with many different sauces and other foods, so it makes for a simple meal that everyone loves – whose kids don’t love a fried chicken bucket after all!

Another reason that fried chicken is popular is because it is quick to cook. There’s no messing about with chicken, you simply heat the fat, dip it in the batter if you are using one, and there it goes. It will be ready in minutes, so you just drain off the fat and it’s ready to serve. Put it in a basket and offer it to your guests with some fries and you have the perfect all-American meal that will be appreciated by all who love chicken! However, if you want to get it right, you may want to take a little longer and there are few tips to getting it right, so what is the secret?

Some Fried Chicken Tips 

If there’s one genuine secret to getting fried chicken exactly right, it’s this: you need to fry it twice! Make sure you use a vegetable shortening to fry it in – Crisco is a good choice – and fry it once on a high heat, and then again on a low heat. Use a cast iron pan if you can for the best effect, and you will definitely notice the difference when you try this.

Other tips include baking the chicken first for added crispiness, adding died limes to the mix, and brining the chicken overnight in milk or buttermilk. We also suggest that if you use a batter you add spices and herbs to your taste, as this will give your chicken an edge that others don’t have. One final tip that leads to a quite remarkable result is to fry your chicken in duck fat. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but it might be to yours so give it a go and see what you think!

Eat in or Eat Out? 

So now you know how to make fried chicken that you can serve proudly to your family or friends, but what if you crave fried chicken cooked to perfection and don’t want or have the time to cook? As we said at the beginning this is one of the most popular choices of meal across America, so to help you choose, here’s a link to the best fried chicken restaurants in the USA right now. 


Meanwhile, next time you decide you’re going to cook fried chicken remember the tips we mentioned above and give them a go. There are many more suggestions about getting fried chicken right too, so start searching now and you might just develop your very own signature dish.






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