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We are very well aware of your late-night food cravings that you can’t quit. A lot of people get the urge to eat after midnight, even if they are not hungry. Mid night food can make you consume more than required calories that leads to fat gain. And it becomes more frustrating especially if you follow a healthy diet plan. This is the biggest mistake that most people make when dieting. They exercise regularly, eat healthy food throughout the day. But then at night comes their rumbling tummy, followed by a sudden night snack attack that wipes off all the hard work. Mid-night food cravings can be avoided with little awareness & planning. Here are the effective ways that can help you in managing your mid night cravings. 

1. Identify the Cause and what Triggers it 

Some People have the habit of eating their meals late even in the night. Nighttime eating can be a result of busy daytime that restrict the food intake, which causes hunger at night. Or it can simply be a habit. However, it is also linked to eating disorders, which can have really negative effects on your health. Some people have nighttime eating syndrome and they usually graze in the evening & stay awake at night for eating that makes them consume more than quarter of their daily calories at night. These conditions are linked with obesity, depression & trouble sleeping. Identifying your pattern and events that sets off the eating behavior in you. Is it really that hunger that pulls you towards food at night? Keep a record of the food you take and also list down your food mood. It will help in breaking the negative food cycle.  

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2. Develop a good Sleep Routine

Your sleep quality contributes a lot to your overall health. Sleep plays a significant role in your weight loss journey. Several studies and fitness news link sleep loss with compromised metabolic function, imbalance of hormones that boost food cravings. Make sure you have a quality sleep time. Turning off television, laptop & mobile phones before sleeping helps with that. Blackout all the lights from your bedroom. Create a sleep comfort environment. Sleeping well, will prevent your late-night food craving. 

3. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is the easiest way of stopping mid night cravings. Before you sneak into the kitchen & pull out your chips, drink at least 2 glasses of water. Another best option is taking a herbal tea cup, which will help in relaxing and make you forget about food. Studies show that 8 water ounces can make your stomach full while consuming no calorie. Try detox water with all the healthy ingredients such as lemon juice & fruit.

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4. Eat more Fruits

Having dinner followed by fruits has a lot of benefits. They provide all the essential vitamins & minerals that are sealed inside them. Along with natural sweetness that staves off the cravings for unhealthy snacks at night. Take an orange, a cherries or bananas. There will be a lesser chance that you will feel hungry & raid the fridge at night. 

5. Do not binge-watch TV

It might be shocking to you but racing through all the seasons a Tv show in one go affects your waistline in a bad way, stop watching a lot of TV in one row. Studies show that staying awake till late in night for being updated on the shows you work against your circadian cycle. Staying up late even when you are exhausted results in hunger & cravings. Sp stop the TV marathon and sleep on time. 

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6. Eat Fairly Through the whole Day

Mid night snacking is linked with erratic eating that is categorized under disordered eating. Eating on scheduled intervals during the day will regulate you’re eating patterns and make your blood sugar stable. It will also prevent your ravenous hunger, feeling of exhaustion, irritability and supports your workout routine. Eating fairly one major component of keeping you healthy while working out is the other. Go through Elite Sports for having perfect gym gadgets. Hunger leaves you vulnerable to food choice that has higher fat and sugar.  Eating at regular intervals gives you better appetite control.

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