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Every human body has its own specific needs depending upon the health state and condition. Every workout you perform has a different intensity. Your diet is the most simple and obvious formula of fueling pre- and post-workout. But before we get into the foods that maximize your workout results remember that workout is only one component of your fitness routine maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle is another. No matter how much hard work you put in the gym it will be of no use if you don’t eat clean. What you eat from your plate directly affects your health. Good meals & drinks will boost your energy levels that your body requires for exercising and recovery.  

Relation between Food and Workout 

Frequently asked question that most fitness experts hear every day from fitness enthusiasts like this social media sensation Hasbulla is how to get the best of your workouts. How can you burn calories and still feel energized? Only answer to their question is Eat! Specifically, eating the clean foods. No matter if you eat or exercise with an empty stomach the body burns equal amounts of fat. However, when you stay hungry for long hours your body undergoes survival mode & draws the essential proteins from your muscle rather than kidneys & liver. And you tend to lose your muscle mass which will slow down your metabolism & make the weight lose harder. Exercising with an empty stomach does not give you enough fuel for your workout so it’s essential that you eat the right food that positively affects your workout. To know more about workouts, gym gears and fitness click here

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1) Bananas

Athletes love bananas for a lot of reasons. According to a study eating a banana after every 15 mins during cycling can be effective as a sports drink. Eating bananas is a great choice for fueling your muscles and also provides antioxidants & other vital nutrients that most of the energy drinks lack.  Enjoy every bite of bananas you can also have their topping on a slice & eat them with your oatmeal before exercising or you can blend them in your post-workout recovery smoothie.

2) Eggs

It is the best recovery food & an ideal post workout snack after an intensive workout. They protein rich & have low fat content. Plus, they give you the feel of a full stomach that prevents eating more calories. Eggs have all the nine essential amino acids that play a major role in the muscle-building process. They have premium quality protein stored in them. They provide leucine, which is a vital amino acid required for muscle building. Eating 20-30 grams of leucine-rich foods such as eggs can be gold to your body. 

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3) Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt has less sugar, and more carbs, which is packed along with proteins. That makes it the perfect pre & post exercise snack. If you are taking it as a pre workout snack consider adding a little sugar, or topping of berries and sliced bananas. Natural sugar fuels your muscles that energize you. Plain yogurt can be good as a post-workout snack as it provides the essential protein you need for gaining muscle.

4) Mangoes

If you mostly experience muscle soreness after working, eating post-workout anti-inflammatory foods can help in reducing the pain, while improving your mobility & recovery speed. Mangoes are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, such as vitamin C, gallic acid, beta carotene, & gallotannins. Add them in your breakfast with the oatmeal or midday meal in the form of salsa or eat mango as an evening snack. 

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5) Oats

Most of the world’s best athletes take a bowl full of oatmeal daily. Oats contain complex carbohydrates & have a 4-1 carb-protein ratio that gives sustained energy. It’s a wholesome combination of carbs & protein that athletes would love to take. Consider eating oats along with berries & Greek yogurt or the nut butter. Pack a box full of oats in your gym bag for a nice recovery meal.

6) Sweet potatoes

It is an excellent vitamin A source that also has anti-aging properties, and prevents cancer & eye health. Sweet potato has a higher content of dietary fiber, low in calories & has water content that makes it a great post-exercise snack especially if you want to lose weight.

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