8 Most Delicious Protein Snacks That Aren’t Regular Shakes and Powders

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Sometimes we all want to take a break from boring protein shakes and powders. But some fear that protein snacks aren’t as effective as a protein shake. Well, that’s wrong. Here’s a list of the 8 most delicious protein snacks if you’re tired of regular shakes and powders.

You can try Peckish Perfectly Boiled Hard-boiled Eggs. The dipping sauce and seasoning will surely amaze you. Going for Epic Salmon Bite, on the other hand, can do that and further increase your protein intake. Akua Kelp Jerky can be the ideal alternative to beef jerky. This is perfect for vegans with perfect texture and flavor.

Hold on! There’s more to it. So stick around, and let’s take a deeper dive for more snacks.

8 Protein Snacks That You Must Try!

Tired of regular old boring protein shakes and powder? Wondering what jerky brands are good alternatives? Well, here we will discuss the eight best alternative protein snacks. A little heads up: these protein snacks are almost too good to be true. Trying different keto breakfast items can be very beneficial. They can help you maintain a fit and healthy life.

So let’s learn about those.

  • Peckish Perfectly Boiled Hard-Boiled Eggs

The hard-boiled eggs from Pecking Perfectly are actually “perfect.” You will get a pair of eggs in a pack. But you can make boiled eggs at home. So why should you go for these?

Well, perfectly hard-boiled eggs are delicious and very nutritious. On top of that, you will get dipping cups with different flavored sauces. Furthermore, the seasoning is mind-blowingly perfect.

Choose this to prepare your breakfast food in four seconds. You will have 13 grams of protein per egg.

  • Olli Salumeria Snack Packs

Imagine a regular salami snack pack. You get an average salami, some broken crackers, and boring, rubbery cheese strips. But, what if I tell you the Olli Salumeria Snack Pack can change everything?

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Yes, it’s true. In this pack, there is salami from Genoa and fontina cheese. Or you can get mozzarella and sliced chorizo. What else do you need? Of course the protein. Each package provides 13 grams of protein.

Olli Salumeria Snack Pack is the perfect example that snack packs can be good. But a fair warning. You won’t be able to stop eating these because they are so good. In one word, it’s mind-blowing. 

  • Epic Salmon Bites

Salmon is great as a main dish or an appetizer. But it can also be a great protein snack. But you might ask, how exactly is that possible? Thanks to Epic Salmon Bites, you can now enjoy it whenever you want.

Every fish in the pack is caught wild in Alaska. Wild salmon is rich in nutrition, protein, and fiber. But here’s a disclaimer. Once you try it, there’s no coming back. The authentic taste and color of the salmon will leave you amazed. Each salmon bite has a rich nine grams of protein. That’s not per serving. That amount of protein is in each bite. Amazing right? Well, that’s not all.

This snack doesn’t contain gluten, sugar, or other harmful components. So you will get the authentic taste of the smoky salmon. Also, the epic salmon bite can significantly increase your protein intake.

  • Tuna Salad with Crackers

Crackers have been one of our favorite snacks since childhood. But what makes crackers even better? That’s right! A good tuna salad on top. Bumble Bee Snack on the Run focuses on authenticity in its texture and flavor. On top of that, only egg and soybean oil are used to add extra flavors. Wait, that’s not everything! You’ll have six grams of protein (per can serving). Thus it makes the list as one of the best alternatives for regular shakes.

  • Akua Kelp Jerky

Jerky is that type of snack that is filled with every essential component. However, the “jerky needs to be meat” concept is gone by now. Akua Kelp Jerky made our list with a bang.

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Akua Kelp Jerky has three variants of vegan jerky. Are you a vegan or trying to avoid fat? Then you will want to try this. Nevertheless, the most surprising thing about this snack is the texture. You will be amazed at how closely it resembles beef jerky. But what about the flavor? Even without meat, you won’t be disappointed once you try it. There are no added preservatives, color, or other chemical components, and you get ten grams of protein per serving.

  • Bada Bean Bada Boom Roasted Broad Beans

A popular snack that most of us love is beans. The roasted beans from Bada Bean Bada Boom are very tasty. Per serving, there are only three grams of fat but a whopping seven grams of protein.

Instead of regular shakes, try roasted beans. They come in various flavors and you can eat them anywhere. Beans provide a quick burst of energy, and Bada Bean Bada Boom is the ideal alternative to a protein shake.

In summer, the Acai bowl is perfect, and you can add roasted beans for a perfect protein source.

  • Perky Jerky Original Turkey Jerky

One of the most popular jerky brands is Perky Jerky. This particular jerky is rich in flavor, texture, and color. On top of that, it has only 80 calories per serving, including 11 grams of protein.

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On top of everything, you will get a wide range of flavors from Perky Jerky. From sweet-sour to salty-spice, you will find something to satisfy your tastebuds no matter what you crave. 

  • Mission Meats Beef Bars

One of the best and most nutritious beef bars is also delicious. Mission Meats beef bars are made from 100 percent grass-fed cows. The manufacturers themselves raise and select the cows.

Consuming these bars will give you plenty of energy, protein, and fiber. This is a perfect replacement for boring shakes and powders. No artificial flavor enhancer is used. Hence, you are just eating a good, healthy, and delicious snack.

Summing Up

That concludes the 8 most delicious protein snacks if you’re tired of regular shakes and powders. We hope that you found at least one or more snacks that you are now eager to try. 

Before we leave you, here’s some final advice: go for high protein intake instead of fat. That positively affects the body and will make snacking up on our recommended products much more beneficial for your body. If snacks are not your thing, do check out  our tips on choosing the correct meal kit service. Meal kits can also be a great way to follow a balanced diet with plenty of protein intake.

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