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8 Popular Restaurant Chains with Notable Secret Menus

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Secret menus get mixed reactions from people but there’s no denying that they can pique one’s curiosity. What are these secret items? If they’re so good, why aren’t they included in the actual menu? Are the employees cool with customers ordering from the secret menu? Are secret menus even legal?

If you want to sample some, here are a few fast food chains with notable secret menus that people love to order from. Give them a try and you might just discover a whole new way to enjoy your favorite fast food chain.

Panera Bread

Lots of fans of Panera Bread find it surprising that they can love the chain all the more through its secret menu. These additional items are not just unique options but they’re healthy picks, too. So if you dine at this chain to eat better, their secret menu will make it easier for you.

Note, however, that the secret menu of Panera Bread officially does not exist anymore. However, many stores will still accommodate your order, especially if you ask nicely.

What to get: Power Steak Lettuce Wraps, Power Mediterranean Roasted Turkey Salad, Lemonade Green Tea


In-N-Out’s secret menu is definitely not secret. In fact, their secret menu got so popular that some folks learned about the possibility of ordering off-menu at fast food chains from it. It’s not surprising that it got so big, however. With the chain’s very straightforward menu, there’s a lot of room for customization and they easily allow that. So people just thought it was a secret menu when the off-menu orders are just really popular customized combinations.

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What to get: Well-done fries, Cheese fries, Animal-style fries, 3×3 burger, Animal-style burger

Five Guys

Like In-N-Out, Five Guys’ secret menu is all the rage with its loyal following. The additions done with their no-frills burgers take things up a notch, especially in terms of indulgence. They’re often described as belt-busting and will definitely make you fall in love with their food all over again.

What to get: Patty Melt, Grilled Cheese and Burger, Nacho-style fries, Presidential burger

Taco Bell

At Taco Bell, their secret menu tends to take things a bit further. They either supersize regular orders, enhance the flavors, or make already sinful dishes even more sinful. Some popular items are also just discontinued traditional menu picks, so those who have always loved the chain can continue to enjoy their classic favorites.

What to get: Cheesarito, the Incredible Hulk, Enchirito, Double Grilled Quesadilla


Arby’s possibly has one of the more interesting secret menus because they tend to go both ways. Like other burger and sandwich joints, they have some of the most delectably sinful and greasy off-menu items. However, they also have rather healthier alternatives so you’ll have lots to choose from, depending on how you want to eat on that day.


What to get: Turkey Reuben, Meat Mountain, Bacon Beef ‘N Cheddar


Rave reviews over Chipotle’s secret menu came aplenty when they made waves in 2019. So if you’re a big fan of this chain, you should have heard of it or even tried it already. It’s not surprising that people loved it since people generally love Chipotle. What’s surprising is how many folks agree that the Quesarito is the best item in the list. With taste being highly subjective, the hype has certainly got lots of people more curious about the hidden items.

What to get: Quesarito, Nachos, Buritodilla, Double-decker Taco, The 3-Pointer


Out of this list, Starbucks possibly has one of the largest secret menus there is. Some round-ups list up to 41 items, so that’s definitely a lot. It’s not surprising, however, since there are so many ways to customize a drink. It should even be expected that there are more ways people are changing up and personalizing their orders. 

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What to get: Butterbeer Frappuccino, Dirty Chai Latte, Thin Mint Frappuccino, possibly any drink recipe that you have in mind


Yes, even the largest fast food chain in the world has a secret menu. We’re not sure why this is surprising – maybe because most folks are so used to eating here and that they already have their go-to orders that not everyone thinks of asking for customizations. In any case, you can definitely get a unique meal from them if you know what to ask for. Look them up and you’ll really be surprised at what awaits you.

What to get: Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Pizza, Land, Sea & Air Burger, Ice Cream Sandwich


A Word of Caution

Ordering from the secret menu is definitely something you can do but keep in mind that these items are customized orders so they can take longer to make than the dishes on the regular menu. If you’re going to try them, make sure to be patient and do so during off-peak times. This will make the whole activity more enjoyable for you and less stressful for the staff.

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