What Are The Trials of Osiris?

A trial of Osiris is a feature of the Destiny 2 game that is highly competitive and most difficult. It uses elimination that has a specific system in competition. 

Maybe you need to get more information on the Trials of Osiris. Don’t worry. By reading this article, you will be able to know everything about trials of Osiris loot, trials of Osiris reward, and many more. 

So, let’s start our journey on what are the Trials of Osiris.  

What are the Trials of Osiris?

In the world of Destiny 2 game, Trials of Osiris seems a higher competitive feature. It is introduced with Bungie in the Destiny 2 game. In this event, two teams compete with each other. Each team contains three players. To win the game, the other team must kill all three players of its competitor. 

The House of Wolves initiated this event. If you want to participate in this event, then you need the latest destiny expansion. Moreover, this event drops a challenge to the players who like PvP. In simple terms, Trials of Osiris means a game of player versus player. 

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Trials of Osiris armor

Trials of Osiris armor are a top reward in destiny 2, and can be obtained by a competitor who can reach the lighthouse. It helps the players to go closer to complete the trails of the Osiris game. 

To unlock each section of armor, you need to play umpteen trials of Osiris games. On the other hand, you must go to 1260+ power levels to get armor. 

You need to have great expertness to get seven wins simultaneously in a row. It is too difficult. But without obtaining the armor set, you can’t complete the game. So players must play for a large number of days to attain the set of the Trials of Osiris armor. 

Trials of Osiris weapon

Trials of Osiris weapons are the math reward given to the winner who can get seven wins. To attain a weapon, a player must win seven trial passages once a week. You need to complete flawless Trials of Osiris carry to attain a weapon. Some of the noticeable weapons are Vision Stone, Burning Eye, Blind Perdition, Unraveling Thread, etc.

Why are the Trials of Osiris so hard?  

Trials of Osiris are not so easy to complete. It’s more difficult than other matches. There are many reasons behind it. 

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First of all, there is high competition in this game. Hence, by investing an enormous amount of time, players can’t complete it. Secondly, getting a flawless ticket every week is highly difficult, even for an expert player. An expert player must invest so many hours completing the match. 

In the view of some players, the rewards of the Trials of Osiris are very powerful, so it is too difficult to complete.  

How to unlock Trials of Osiris?

Unlocking Trials of Osiris seems a very difficult task, especially when the player is new. To unlock it, you need to reach 1260+ power levels. Reaching a 1260+ power level is comparatively easy. Just play the game and earn power. 

Besides, you must win against at least 50 competitors. You must defeat them in Elimination. You also need to get Valor Rank Legend in this process. 

Moreover, to unlock the game, you have to speak to Saint-14 in the tower. It’s called the first step in the unlocking process. 

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To accomplish all the above-mentioned tasks, you have to invest time and effort in an uncountable way. But an expert player can easily pick up the goals and unlock the games. 

Trials of Osiris loot

Your team will get a chance to get quality loot by competing with another team. There is much loot including, Trials class item armor, the Igneous Hammer, the Exile’s Curse, etc. So you can get an opportunity to attain this loot by beating your opponent. 

However, one can get the foremost loot in the trials of Osiris by the seven wins in a row. You can also walk on the way of saving time using boosting in games to get the best loot. 


The Trials of Osiris is a crucible feature in Destiny 2. But in this tough game, you will be able to get exclusive loot opportunities by beating your competitor. 

However, I think you have a clear concept now on what are the Trials of Osiris. Continue playing, beat the opponent, and get the rewards.

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