Top Dessert Trends of 2021

2021 has been the year of innovation and creativity, especially in the baking industry. People saw so many desserts trends coming in. Some of us have started exploring these trends to make this year into a vibrantly sweet one. So the other half of us, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to know these baking and decorating trends that are making it big this year and start experimenting/exploring them on our own.


  1. Dessert Charcuterie Boards – Wanting to make some sweet confessions like “I Love You” to someone? Then, do it correctly over a dessert charcuterie board. You can order a wide variety of desserts online from some reputed bakery along with online cake delivery in Jaipur or wherever that you reside to get yourself covered. Or else you can definitely choose to prepare each one of the dessert items out of your love for your friends and family and present them stylishly on a board or flat tray-like surface. The concept of a dessert charcuterie board is to present a few drooling desserts like cookies, chocolate dipped fruits and dry fruits, macaroons, churros, wafers, biscottis, caramel popcorns, gummy bears, salty pretzels, muffins, hot chocolate dip, brownies and more on a chopping board to make it more presentable in front of all your guests. 
  2. Black Buttercream – No doubt adding colours to desserts tends to eventually add colours to our lives and make them happier. But sometimes nothing strikes better than the colour black. Hence, bakers have come up with something known as “black buttercream” to make various pieces of desserts look classy yet elegant as ever. One of the major hit cakes was the popular Enchanted Energy Cake which grabbed everyone’s attention with its “oh so beautiful” black buttercream layering painted with gold metallic edible paint. It takes the appeal of any dessert item to a whole new level and makes it a wonder to behold.
  3. Combed Cakes – If you are looking for a simple way to decorate your cake, then you must give a try to this trend of “combing the cake”. As unique as its name sounds, this quick technique is sure to bless your naked cake with a style factor and a texture that cannot be beaten. All you need to do is get a smoother cake comb, pour a generous coating of frosting and then place the cake on a turntable. Now, rotate the turntable as you touch the comb teeth to the surface of the frosting. It will leave a symmetrical striped design. 
  4. Animal Prints – As good as these prints look in our clothing, they look pretty chic or stylish when added to our cakes. They are one of the trends of 2021, which are sure to make it big in the coming year. Animal prints are seen to be doing great when printed on some macaroons. Cat prints, tiger marks, and cheetah prints are popular animal prints recreated on cakes.
  5. Dot Art – When in doubt, dot it out! Dot art or pointillism over cake seems to become a big thing. This artwork somewhat is said to resemble the beadwork. The idea is to highlight the outline of any shape with tiny yet prominent dots using some edible paint to beauty the entire appeal of the cake. Though this cake decorating technique may need more time and effort, it is surely worthy of your try. 
  6. Icon Art – Decorating the cake with some quirky cool icons related to some party theme has been gaining every baker’s attention worldwide. People like to top off their cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc., with some icons, for instance, Christmas ornaments on a Christmas cake. It makes the entire dessert item looks appealing. 
  7. Rainbow – Everyone is as mesmerised by this trend as they are to catch a glance of the rainbow. Add colours to the entire event as you choose to decorate your dessert items with the VIBGYOR colours of rainbow coming in layers. 
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So, these were some of the top dessert trends 2021 that people love to experiment with. Do let us know how many of these trends have you given a try to?

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