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There is one thing that many people know but not ready to admit, we are terrible when it comes to barbecuing. Every time we are on the grill, we are cremating sausages or poisoning our family and friends. It’s a surprise that many people choose a cooking method that demands a high level of concentration, especially on a day that all we want to do is sit back and have a cold beer.

You need some skill to cook well over a fire, but if you manage to master these techniques, you will gain a new level of honor among your friends. Below are ten tips, equipment, and techniques. Once you have mastered them, you are going to become a master when it comes to barbecuing, and people will always be looking forward to grilling time.

Getting the right barbecue

This seems basic, but the burner needs two things for amazing results. The first is it has to be a charcoal barbecue. Using a gas barbecue is going to work, but it doesn’t give your food the extra smoky flavor. A gas grill is no different from cooking using an oven in terms of flavor. The second important thing is the lid. You need it because it is going to lock in the flavor, maintain a constant temperature, and also used as an extra technique. If you don’t have a lid, you cannot beercan chicken, smoke ribs, or melt cheese on burger.

Using the right fuel

Many people usually buy their charcoal in a rush from the petrol station car park when they want to start. Preparing can make a lot of difference because the charcoal you decide to use is going to have a big impact on the taste of your food. Lumpwood is the number one recommendation from one of the best, DJ BBQ, who is the author of Food Tube’s BBQ Book. The charcoal looks like a burnt tree, and it is a favorite because it gives the best flavor. It is natural and unadulterated.

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If you feel like a pro, add wood chips to the charcoal. Oak and hickory work perfectly with pork and fish, while apple wood and cherry add sweetness to most meats. Talk half of what you are going to use then soak it in water so it can last longer, then add all at once when the charcoal has lit.

Waiting the right to cook

Barbecuing will need patience and concentration. You have to wait for the flames to die down. The coals need to be white-hot- this is where they are grey and glowing. You need this because it provides the hottest and even heat.

Getting the temperature right

After you do that, you need to keep in mind that you have something like a caveman oven, which is why you are going to control the heat like you would in an oven. The best way of testing heat is by using your hand. Place it 5 inches/12cm above the grill then see how long you can comfortably have it there (without screaming)

  • 0 seconds = Hospital Now
  • 2 seconds = very hot
  • 4 seconds = medium heat
  • 6 seconds = low heat

It is also important for you to control the temperature of your grill. The best way of doing this is using a technique known as half and a half – this is where all the coals are on one side, which means you will have one side that is very heat and another side that doesn’t have direct heat.

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Getting the best tools

There is a good chance you have lost a sausage or two when grilling or flipping a burger. There are some tools like a heavy-duty oven glove, decent fish slice, or even a fish grill (clip/clamp/basket thing – we don’t know the actual name). there is one bit of kit you need to have – a pair of tongs – this is going to give you the most control, which reduced the risk of something dropping.

Making your own burgers

You will notice how better homemade burgers are. Even if all you have is good-quality meat and salt and pepper, it will be way better than what you get at the shops. You should choose meat that has a lot of fat, or ask the butcher for some minced chuck or flank – this will make your burger juicy and flavorful, whether you prefer them cooked right through or in the middle.

Fish is great on barbecues

Many people forget about fish. What they don’t realize is that fish and smoke go together very well (picture smoked salmon). Consider getting a side of salmon or whole trout then add oak chips, then start grilling. If you feel like you can do more, slice the fish open then stuff it with dill, lemon, and pepper.

The marinade is very important

You have most likely heard “leave it for a couple of hours, ideally overnight”. This phrase applies to barbecues too. This is important because it helps in ensuring that flavors don’t get overridden by the smoke. It is a good idea to save marinade when making them, then use is to brush the fish or meat every ten minutes while it is cooking. When you do this, it is going to add moisture, caramelize gently, and trap the smoke flavor.

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Do not ruin the vegetables

When barbecuing, people have all the reasons to go all carnivore and devour any meat there, but vegetables can be amazing when exposed to fire, provided you do it right. What you will be looking for is the charring along the bars – it is going to look amazing and the taste will be out of this world. Slice them thin, then throw them on the grill without any seasoning or oil. Once the vegetable has cooked, you can add a bit of vinegar and olive oil to add some flavor.

Getting the sides right

One mistake people tend to make is the sides being an afterthought. Sides make up about two-thirds of what you are making, which is why you need to do it right. You can choose to get some cheeky corn on the corn, go with the potato salad classic, some Navajo flatbreads, simple and delicious couscous. Navajo flatbreads are my favorite because I can use them in mopping up marinades.

Of course, the main aim of a BBQ is to have fun! Inject a little fun into your next BBQ choose from many styles of light up cups.


Above are the top ten tips that will go a long way in helping you when barbecuing.

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