Every Sous Vide Cook Needs To Buy These 5 Accessories

Cast iron pan

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Sous Vide has become a very popular method of cooking. Now that there are consumer-friendly devices at affordable prices, everyone should have a sous vide device. However, there are certain must-have accessories that every sous vide cook should have access to. Below, we will be going over some of them.

5 Must-Have Accessories:

1. Vacuum Sealer

This is perhaps the first accessory that you should be investing in if you are getting into sous vide cooking. Having access to a vacuum sealer is not only going to help to improve your sous vide cooking experience, but it can save you money by keeping your ingredients fresher for longer periods of time. Every time you purchase meat, you can vacuum seal it in portions which will allow you to preserve the meat for longer periods of time but it will also help to make cooking sous vide much more convenient, as well. Whenever you are ready to cook a meal, you simply throw the pre-vacuum sealed bag into water and you are well on your way towards having a perfectly cooked meal.

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2. Cooking Container

This is another must-have accessory that every sous vide cook should have access to. While you could always find pots that you could use to cook sous vide, it is going to end up causing much more of a hassle doing so. By cooking in a pot that is not designed for sous vide cooking, you will end up wasting a lot of energy and a lot of water will end up evaporating during the cooking process. This can cause your cooking experiences to be very inconsistent which can ruin your meals and cause you a lot more of a headache than the cost savings are worth. Instead, you can simply buy ready to use cooking containers that can either be customized to cook efficiently with a sous vide cooker or you can buy containers that have been pre-customized to provide an optimized cooking experience. Not only will you cook much more efficiently, but being able to maintain consistency with the temperature and water level can help to improve the consistency of your cooking process.

3. Meat Thermometer

This is another must-have accessory that every sous vide cook has. The truth is, it is a must-have for anyone who cooks meat at all. However, if you are cooking sous vide, you will want to have easy access to a high-quality and accurate meat thermometer to check for doneness of meat. This will help to ensure that your sous vide/precision cooker is cooking your meat properly.

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4. Torch

This is a must-have for anyone that prefers to have a nice sear on their steaks. Having access to a torch will allow you to really be able to sear in the juices of the steak and it can help you develop a good-tasting crust on the steak. This is how a lot of professional restaurants sear steaks for maximum flavor.

Cast iron pan
Cast iron pan

5. Cast Iron

Another option that you want to have available for the ingredients you might not want to torch would be a cast iron pan. Having access to a cast iron pan will allow you to get a nice browned and crispy exterior on your chicken, steaks, etc.

Overall, there are plenty of accessories that you are likely considering when you are getting started with sous vide cooking. The above accessories are the must-haves that you should purchase as soon as you begin cooking using a sous vide precision cooker.

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