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Some people say that the michelada is the most famous mexican cocktail in the world, we can say that for sure it is very popular, but it has quite the competition!

Some times it is really hard to have the time to prepare that cocktail you totally need and deserve, but say no more, because you have the perfect solution for you: The best michelada mix.

What does michelada mean?

Well, here comes some spanish lessons! Michelada comes from the three words “Mi chela helada”, which means “My cold beer”.

So you know the first hint about this drink, beer is its main ingredient.

What is michelada made of?

Yes, you know the main ingredient, but the magic of this drink is in all the other ingredients that form it.

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So, we can find in any michelada:

  • Lime juice
  • Spicy sauce
  • Pale lager
  • Grounded Chilli or cayena
  • Salt

Best michelada mix

For starters, you have to make sur al lof this ingredients are present in the mix you are buying. Once you try this easy way to have this wonderful drink, you won’t want to have it any other way.

It is comfortable, because you will only need the michelada mix and some ice and it is super tasty as well because it preserves all the original taste. What are you waiting for to try ir?

Last, but not least it is the perfect reward after a long day, when you are tired and don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself. You can also have it in barbaques days, when the last thing you want is being stuck preparing the drinks, when you can actually be just having fun and dringink the best michelada at the same time.

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Qualities of the michelada drink

The more important one is to bear the long and hot days of summer, when all you want to drink is a cold beer, but giving it another flavour that can make it even better if possible.

In México, this drik is commonly used to make people feel better when they are feeling hangover, this hasn’t been proved, but, what do you have to lose?

Origin of the michelada drink

The name, as we said before, comes from the three words “mi chela helada”, hence: michelada. But what we did not tell you is that tha two words “mi chela” come from the name of the man that started making this drink after anyone else: Michel Ésper.

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People say that the drink they always ordered was a pale lager with lemon, salt, ice and popote, with is something similar to straws, but with the difference that they are biodegradable.

With time, the friends os Michel Ésper started to order the same drink, and that is when the term “michelada” came up.


We don’t know for sure if it was since this drink that beer started being consumed cold or “chilled” but what we know is that it was Mexico the first country that consumed beer cold.

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