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Compared to the United States, kratom is still at an early stage in Europe. As its popularity increases through news and positive stories, more and more stores offer kratom around Europe. Typically, kratom is sold in pressed foil pouches or in capsules.

The main concern generated by the sale of kratom is its quality and price. Many of these physical stores sell dubious quality kratom at astronomical prices.

Recommended Provider

We recommend Get Kratom as the most reliable and best quality kratom provider on the market.

There are many suppliers that are inconsistent with both product quality and availability. To cope with the lack of quality and cheap kratom, Get Kratom decided to launch into Spain to serve the European market.

Get Kratom has been a trusted provider in the United States since 2007 and has a well-established reputation. It offers high quality kratom at affordable prices and shipments are made the same day. Their customer service and support have been exceptional in the kratom business as all employees are very familiar with the products they sell.

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Why buy online?

Due to the relatively new appearance of kratom, particularly in Spain, Portugal and France, it is difficult to find a physical store that sells kratom and, the few that sell it, do so at exorbitant prices and of dubious quality.

Unlike stores, which generally do not have to check the quality of their products directly, online suppliers must compete in quality with many others, especially given the large number of online forums that criticize and rate the quality of suppliers. .

Online marketers rely on their reputation for high-quality kratom to maintain a strong customer base.

The real Kratom!

 What was immediately perceived was the smell and taste, something that cannot be compared with what we knew until now. Color and consistency were also different. After detailed explanations, it became clear to us why this is so.

The earthy smell is only present if the leaves are freshly treated, and are transformed into Kratom on the day of harvest. This unique smell disappears almost completely after a few weeks of storage. We were also surprised by the much more bitter taste, which is accompanied by a higher alkaloid content. Therefore, the content depends on the substrate (tree nutrients).

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What do Kratom trees like?

 Kratom-conscious farmers mainly harvest trees that grow in the vicinity of rivers or, even better, on their banks. This seems to be the ideal environment for a valuable Kratom. Unlike intensive agriculture, small farmers harvest only from old trees and not young leaves, which contain far fewer active substances. However, this harvest is more demanding, and therefore not profitable for farms, that is, for mass production.

Respect for a long tradition!

The enrichment of the Kratom knowledge we have experienced is invaluable to us. But not only that, but also the fact of being able to build a relationship with a traditional family business fills us with pride, and above all with humility, towards this tradition and towards the people who perpetuate it.

Kratom also known as Mitragynaspeciosa, belongs to the Rubiaceae family, the same as coffee. It is native to Thailand and is distributed by Southeast Asia in regions such as Malaysia and Indochina. It has long been used as a medicinal plant to treat health problems and increase mood. The main alkaloid in Kratom is mitraginine.

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The effects vary depending on the dose and the type of vein.

 Red Vein Kratom is the strongest strain with sedative and calming effects. It produces tranquility and general well-being. It is usually used to reduce pain, increase mood, reduce insomnia, etc. You can visit for Kratom shots.

White Vein Kratom is the strain with the most pronounced energizing effects. This strain produces great vitality and mental clarity.

Green Vein Kratom is a strain that, in terms of effects, is described as a mixture of the other two (red vein and white vein). Unlike Kratom with a red vein, which has a marked sedative effect, or Kratom with a white vein that increases energy, Kratom with a green vein has a milder effect in terms of energy and relaxation.

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