Can Injectables Be Botched From Expired Lip or Cheek Filler?

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Facial filler (and Botox Cosmetic for wrinkles) are both extremely popular injectables that have revolutionized the anti-aging world. The numbers tell the story with more than 3.4 million receiving dermal injections alone in 2020, and it’s easy to see why.

Injectables such as facial filler offer amazing rejuvenation for the face and neck with minimal downtime that usually means a matter of hours or days. When injected by highly skilled and talented aesthetic experts, the look is one of natural youthfulness and plumped facial contours and fuller lips.

It’s important to seek out only board-certified specialists who have great knowledge about using dermal filler. It begs the question then, Can injectables be botched?

Expiration Dates Matter

A reputable aesthetic center would never use expired facial filler serums on their patients, but other practices may ignore when the date has been reached and still inject the treatments.

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists have differing opinions as to what the results may look like when a patient is injected with “old” or expired dermal filler for the lips and cheeks, for example.

What most experts agree on is that expiration dates are placed on cosmetic serums to determine the date of their potency and consistency. The expiration date may not indicate if the product has gone bad, but it’s possible that the results may not be as effective as the filler was developed to be.

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Adding Smoothness And Volume

The lips and cheeks are two areas of the face that many patients desire to have fullness and/or volume. That is why hyaluronic acid-based fillers (HA) were the second most popular nonsurgical procedure in 2019, according to the Aesthetic Society’s report.

Cheeks look attractive and youthful with lifted contour and curve, and the thick HA serum of Juvederm Voluma, for instance, can create a cheekbone with more structure and plumpness to the mid-face contour.

Sensual lips can be achieved with a hyaluronic acid-based filler such as Juvederm Volbella. These injections can shape the lips with natural-looking volume, smooth vertical lines and improve lip symmetry.

Patients expect to receive the potency of these long-lasting fillers, and an expired batch of serum cannot always guarantee that the injectables still maintain that consistency and strength. Generally, volumizing dermal filler can last from six months to 18 months before the body gradually absorbs the material.

Filler Reuse Is Questionable

When it comes to using an expired lip or cheek filler, one only has to look at the questions that still arise when storing and reusing these cosmetic serums.

Why take a chance?

For instance, when dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic technicians receive packages of dermal filler to use at their practices, these medical products come with special inserts on how to keep them safe and preserve the basic qualities of the substances. Most manufacturers recommend keeping the fillers in a cool, dry, dark place at room temperature, which does not exceed 77° Fahrenheit, and pay close attention to the expiration dates.

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If not stored properly, the drug may harm the patient and lead to serious consequences once applied under the skin. Now, when the injector has filler left in the syringe after treating a patient, there is an option to toss out the remaining serum or to choose a safe and efficient way to store the drugs and successfully use them in the future.

Some aesthetic experts fear that left-over facial filler or lip filler can cause bacterial growth in the substance and/or infection of the skin tissues.

Maintaining Top Quality Filler

Specialists from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pennsylvania conducted a study on unfinished bottles of dermal filler and found interesting results. The experiment included storing some of the bottles in dry and cold places for about nine months. In the other phase, unfinished bottles of serum were stored for about twelve months in the syringe in the refrigerator at a temperature of 39.2° Fahrenheit.

Zero bacterial growth was found, and the serum was fine to inject. Doctors in the study used new sterile needles, carefully monitored the expiration date of the drugs, and as a result, the patients got positive results with the dermal filler. If you want to do the procedure, make sure you choose a reputable service"}">.

Looking Young And Vibrant

Injectables are an excellent option for people of all ages who enjoy looking like themselves but even better in the most subtle way. Getting lip and/or cheek filler can transform one’s face and help to maintain a more sculpted and youthful appearance.

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Your skilled aesthetic specialist has been training for a long time and can guide you on the proper dermal filler for your skin and your unique aesthetic goals. This professional is a superb injector and understands how each filler reacts under the skin and how to create attractive contours and lift.

That is why the right aesthetic expert will know that expired dermal filler has no place at their practice and will not take the chance to use injectables that could cause botched results. The patient expects to receive the best products, techniques, treatments, safety and service from their cosmetic professionals.

Injectables Are Superb Options

Many people like instant results, and that is what injectables can do during a cosmetic treatment. Getting dermal filler is a precise tweak that is non-surgical and can target an area or two of the face to deliver softness and volume. For many, it’s an affordable way of maintaining their looks at any age.


You get an immediate boost of self-esteem and a newly contoured face and/or lips. Best of all, there’s little to no recovery time. It’s all about taking your attractiveness to the next refined level. Injectables deliver that anti-aging edge.

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