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What makes coffee the perfect wake-up beverage every morning, every season? Our habits liberate us, and in the case of coffee, we find ourselves closer to nature and soil. The aroma pulls us off, throws us right into the arms of the world. People are always good at the emotional aspect of telling what their favourite cup of coffee does to them. They lack the interest to define or distinguish between espresso and coffee at a broader level. One may not consider it a trick question, but there’s a vast amount of difference between the two. How coffee makers are different from coffee machines throw a lot of light on the aspects of discussion we’re trying to highlight. Coffee lovers should follow the latest news, products to see if they’re missing something or not. The coffee dorks Hamilton Beach review is the one you wouldn’t want to miss considering the versatile functionality, affordability and productivity.

1. Coffee Beans, Coffee Machines and Coffee Tasting Experience

Coffee beans are the beginning and end of every discussion related to the topic. Different coffee machines have a unique process and signature taste. Which type of coffee machine would complement your taste is the whole point of discussion. Do you prefer a coffee maker or like your coffee made in an espresso one? The taste factor puts us in a debate, otherwise, we all are standing in the same corner.

You need to know your coffee before you start knowing about the types of coffee machines. What’s an espresso? The origins of espresso are deeply rooted in the Italian culture. The taste and colour make it unique. The authentic taste continues to make mornings bright with every single shot. It’s preferably called ‘Shots’. The brewing process involves hot boiling water pressed through grounded beans.

A higher amount of caffeine and rich body of espresso passes through the test of every coffee lover. The three layers: Body, heart and crema, offer an unforgettable tasting experience. Unlike human anatomy, coffee forms its foundations upon the heart. The body comes next.

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The heart of espresso has a dark-brown texture. The bitter characteristics sit at the bottom of the cup. Your espresso keeps better properties for the last sip. The heart is the basis of your drink, and that makes so much sense at the emotional, spiritual level. It forms the body as it’s poured in the cup. It loses itself with each layer. Isn’t it remarkable? The heart is the last portion of the drink.

The body makes the middle layer of espresso. As you continue to rise above from the bottom half towards the upper layers, the colours begin to loosen its grip on thickness and taste. The dark-brown texture has soft caramel brown appeal to it now. The top layer shines like golden sun rays passing through a valley and resting a bit on its way. The refreshing bit is it holds more than what’s inside the cup (the second and third layer). Its territorial influence is the aroma, flavour.

The brewing methodology keeps us hooked onto our favourite coffee brands. The coffee maker has a different brewing process to espresso. Hot water runs through the coffee beans and assimilating the inherent qualities of beans before it drips through to the container. You would have realised why your coffee tastes the way it does. The espresso is the basis of cappuccino or latte. The inclusion of milk and other ingredients turn it into your daily cup of coffee. Nothing separates the espresso from latte, except the brewing technique.

Our taste manipulates us at times. We find ourselves taking sides to a particular taste and forget what we’re putting down at the other end is also a coffee variant. People often fall for another coffee variant after giving it a shot or trying it out of the experiment. It has been the story of the coffee so far. It surprises us every time we think we’ve found a perfect cup of coffee. The unique taste leads to a different types of coffee machines, coffee and a whole lot of other things. I also found Chaos and Coffee recently, which is a brilliant place to find a new coffee machine as they make really good recommendations.

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2. Brewing Bends the Mind- Are you a Gravity or Pump Technique Lover

You have tasted espresso before without knowing your favourite cup of coffee has espresso as its base. The brewing technique (Pump) offers a thick texture and dark colour which is essential to the preparation of lattes and cappuccino at later stages. The dark-brown, smoky appearance and taste is what makes it a loved, celebrated cup of coffee.

The harmonious state of connectivity among different aspects is necessary to achieve the best results. Coffee, being one of the most loved beverages around the world, requires dedicated efforts and mind-body attention to start enjoying it right from brewing to sipping it to the last drop. The emotional quotient is particularly high in the case of brewing technique.

The grind size, coffee bean quality and freshness are the three factors you need to take into account. Ideally, they ground the beans a few seconds before brewing. The burr grinder has a specific function to perform and impact the outcome in a significant manner. The espresso machine requires non-oily, non-flavoured beans to produce the best results. The burr grinder grinds the coffee beans in a relatively smaller form. The espresso lovers know that RPMs (Revolution Per Minutes) have the same size coffee grounds. The taste is bound to have an uplifting sense of aroma.

Talking about the coffee maker grinder, it has the only purpose to grind and the size-strength is inaccurate, and coarser in appearance. The particles should have the same strength to lend the perfect taste. The espresso brewing involves several sensory organs. A single glance at a freshly-brewed cup of espresso dips us into the world of coffee, which never seemed the same as before.

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Try defining an espresso and coffee made from coffee maker based on its appearance, texture, aroma and taste and feel-good energy associated with it. You may not believe at first, but you would falter to have any depth in your thoughts because the coffee maker lacks it in itself. How could you replace what it doesn’t have in itself? On the other hand, espresso does astonishingly well. You find yourself talking about the characteristics of espresso as an expert or who has spent life dedicated to it.

A cup of espresso takes years’ of dedication, perseverance and passion on the part of the barista. The knowledge is one thing and skills to apply the knowledge is another. A shaky or inexperienced pair of hands might not do justice to the expectations of a coffee lover. The kind of pressure, freshly ground beans, extraction period and undivided attention make brewing the espresso an expert job. The high-end costs and accessories make a coffee machine an expensive affair. The coffee maker, on the other hand, is affordable and makes the task easier for everybody.


Our habits, just like our taste, are personal. Do you want to spend early morning hours doing the tedious work or want to grab a cup of coffee as another morning ritual? Our habits may give the hard work a skip in the morning. You need to decide whether you want to start fresh or carry a stale one from the last evening.

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