Can Maeng Da Kratom Enhance Your Mental Ability? Find Out

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Kratom has been gaining popularity as a plant-based medicinal concoction for a few years now. Used traditionally in South-East Asian folk medicine, the tree has now captured the attention as a promising solution for various ailments and a source of barely regulated novel drugs. Today, we will understand what Kratom is and whether maeng Da Kratom can enhance your mental ability.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree native to Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar. Known scientifically as Mitragyna speciosa, it has been used in herbal medicine for centuries. Its psychoactive properties come mainly from two alkaloid compounds, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Traditionally, it was brewed into teas or chewed to relieve pain, restore energy, and increase libido. It was also used in poultices and dressings to treat wounds. 

Low doses of the medicinal compounds in Kratom are said to cause caffeine and cocaine-like effects, increasing energy levels. In contrast, higher doses act akin to morphine and other opioids, inducing sedation and pain relief properties. 

Besides traditional preparations, Kratom is also available as loose powder or in capsules, extracts, and resins. It is available in various strains depending on the place and methods of the plant’s development. There are mainly three varieties of Kratom: red, green, and white, depending on the maturity of the leaf used to make it. The youngest leaves are white-veined, and the veins slowly turn green and then red as they mature. The older the leaf, the more sedative the effects of the drug. Thus, red-veined Kratom varieties are often used as relaxants and analgesics or to alleviate opioid addiction. On the other hand, white-veined varieties are highly stimulating and produce effects similar to a cup of coffee for most people, raising their energy levels. Green Kratom falls midway, offering benefits from both sides of the spectrum but not as vigorously as either extreme.

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Phytomedicine, better known as herbalism or plant medicine, is rapidly gaining interest among the public (Source:

Maeng Da 

Maeng Da is a method of preparing and growing the Kratom plant pioneered in Thailand, using the technique of grafting. Tissues from various strains of Kratom are mixed and matched to produce a chimeric strain possessing all the desirable qualities such as purity, growth speed, alkaloid composition, and ease of processing. This Frankenstein’s monster is named after Thai slang for ‘pimp,’ implying that it is ‘pimp grade’ or extraordinarily potent. Today this premium strain is also grown in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Premium Maeng Da is available in white, green, and red varieties, resulting in various use cases. It can be utilized to medicate for chronic or acute pain or to treat addiction and insomnia. Alternatively, it can provide bursts of energy, raise sex drive, and counteract fatigue. Even for recreational purposes, it provides a more accessible alternative to harder drugs. Kratom is considered a safer alternative to traditional drugs: its alkaloids have been shown not to activate receptors responsible for respiratory problems. Withdrawal symptoms are also generally milder. Maeng Da is one of the purest forms of Kratom available, making it an extremely safe option.

Is Kratom Legal?

Kratom does not feature on any United Nations drug schedules. Though not approved for medicinal uses by the FDA, it is federally legal in the United States. Some restrictions are in place in Indonesia and Malaysia, but they are not enforced and are almost inoperative. In total, only 16 countries formally control Kratom usage. Thus, for a large portion of the world population, the use of this phytomedicine will not get them into trouble with the law.

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Can Maeng Da Boost Your Mental Ability?

Kratom can have many beneficial effects on the mind. Maeng Da is usually sold as mixtures of its various leaf varieties and is named after the predominant ingredient in the blend. For example, Red Maeng Da is made from around 80% red vein leaves and 20% white vein leaves. Each variety has different effects, so your choices will depend on your needs. Red vein Kratom is a potent relaxant and can help alleviate stress and anxiety-related problems, leading to a clearer mind.

On the other hand, white vein Kratom raises alertness and energy levels, helping stave off tiredness and allowing you to work with perseverance and dedication. Green vein Kratom is mellow and energizing, providing a general sense of wellbeing that makes you feel more optimistic and gives you a fresh mind and will. Besides pre-mixed strains, you can mix and match the various types to create your blend that will have the desired effects, but this requires both knowledge and experience. For most beginners, the commercially available mixes should suffice.

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It is pertinent to note that Maeng Da has more potency than other strains. Its formidable effects can cause even seasoned Kratom users to overdose without realizing it, leading to unwanted or even debilitating side effects. It is best to use a limited amount to test the waters. A popular rule of thumb is to apply the 20% rule; when using Maeng Da, the mixture should be at least 20% less in quantity than other strains to achieve the same potency. This may not always be true, but it provides a useful yardstick and can be used as a guideline to control the dosage. However, experience is always the best teacher.


When using Kratom, bear in mind that research in the area is still relatively limited. Things like dosage, pharmacological action, and side effects are still very much up in the air and can vary significantly from person to person. Do not hesitate to refer to your supplier’s instructions or a more experienced user for guidance. Above all, be sure to buy pure and trustworthy strains from reputed suppliers to avoid being duped or sold a contaminated product that could contain other hard and illegal drugs or even toxins. Kratom alone will mostly not get you into trouble, but it could hide other problematic materials you should be aware of. If you face any side effects, always see a doctor; they will not judge you. Your safety is the paramount concern.

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