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Why tea is important in your diet?

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Not all people consume tea daily, but for the most part, they know that it is a drink that can provide several health benefits. Therefore, many do not think twice before joining the trend of enjoying at least one cup of tea daily.

Beyond its antioxidant content and the multiple benefits, it can provide to health, depending on its variety, when we are not used to drinking water, tea can help us increase our fluid intake throughout the day and thus, keep us well hydrated.

Tea is originally from China and is a deeply rooted drink in India and England. Of course, making it one of the most consumed beverages in the world is no accident. The multiple benefits of tea have meant that many people have incorporated tea into their daily routine.

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Types of tea

Each type of tea has its own characteristics, so it is important that you learn to distinguish them in order to truly take advantage of their benefits. In general, being a hot drink relaxes and comforts greatly.

1. Black tea

This tea has a strong flavor and is dark in color. The leaves undergo a prolonged oxidation process. There are different varieties and each one has its own essence and quality.

3. Green tea

Because of its antioxidant power, it is one of the most recognized teas. Due to its process of oxidation of the leaves, it is rich in catechins and isoflavones, this prevents premature wear of body tissues.

3. White tea

This type of tea is just beginning to be known. The white tea is a source of antioxidants greater than green tea. Its tissue regeneration power is greater.

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Its mild flavor makes it a pleasant refreshing drink, which is perfect to drink at any time of the day.

4. Red tea or Pu Erh

This type of tea is the best to help you fight fluid retention. It is strong, earthy and difficult to taste in the first instance for many.

5. Blue tea or oolong

This is a semi-ground green tea that, due to its oxidation process, obtains some properties of green tea and red tea. This means that, in addition to being an antioxidant, it is a regulator of fat and cholesterol levels.

Tea processing

All teas: black, green, white and oolong (known as blue tea) come from the same plant, known as Camellia sinensis.

Tea processing is simple:

Green tea and white are processed quickly with steam.

Black tea and oolong are fermented and dried when the fermentation process is carried out the leaves become darker.

The tea infusion is prepared with the tender leaves and with the buds of the tea plant. The aroma of each variety of tea is determined by the age of the leaves. After the processed leaves are sorted, they are packed in metal-coated boxes to prevent them from absorbing unpleasant odors or losing their own smell during transport.

Reasons why Tea is important for your health

Tea is a drink that calms you when you want to relax or wake you when you need help in the morning.

1. It is easy to prepare

It is very simple to prepare a cup of tea you only need a kettle, tea leaves, boiled water and it’s ready! Or even easier:

2. Multiple benefits for your health

By drinking ceylon tea and black tea, you are less likely to suffer from heart disease.

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The antioxidants in green, black and oolong tea are very beneficial for your body in general.

In addition, tea consumption has a protective effect on people suffering from hypertension and keeps sugar levels stable.

Do you want to know more? The consumption of green tea and black tea reduces the risk of stroke

3. Keeps your bones healthy

It helps to strengthen the bones. The consumption of green tea has a pronounced effect on the health of the bones since it allows them to be better preserved – maintaining a greater bone mass.

In addition, drinking green tea helps reduce the risk of bone fractures caused by osteoporosis.

4. It is a good option against bad breath

If you have halitosis or bad breath, you should drink black tea for its chemical components called polyphenols, which slow the formation of the bacteria that cause bacterial plaque.

Polyphenols decrease acid production levels which allow the prevention of periodontal diseases.

5. Soothing

The valerian tea helps to relax and thereby have a dream to achieve safe and effective.

People who take Valerian extract improve sleep quality and feel less tired. In addition, black tea helps you calm stress.

6. Help against seasonal allergies

When you suffer from seasonal allergy, the ideal is to start the day with a cup of nettle tea. Dried and frozen nettle leaves may slightly improve allergy symptoms.

7. It is as important as water

Tea rehydrates in the same way as water, replacing fluids in your body. In addition, it contains antioxidants.

8. Help you to be more productive

Tea contains caffeine in a smaller proportion than coffee and does not have the same nervous side effects.

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It also encourages the increase of mental alertness and is effective in improving memory and cognition.

There are some questions that you should know the answer to:

What time should you drink tea?

When your goal is to lose weight you should take it 20 minutes after meals. In this way, it helps you to eliminate fat or, better, burn before the body absorbs them.

When you want to improve your mineral and protein levels, you should have a cup of green tea before meals. Thus, you better absorb vitamins C and E, and magnesium

How many cups of tea should I drink?

It is best to drink between 1 and 3 cups of green tea during the day. Thus, exceeding you can cause tachycardia, dizziness and increased blood pressure.

For a cup of water, you should add 4 grams of green tea. Avoid taking it before sleeping, as it can cause insomnia.


Tea has antioxidants. Thanks to its multiple properties, antioxidants delay the aging process. They safeguard cells and tissues against free radicals.

Tea protects the immune system. Tea has a high amount of flavonoids and vitamin H that give us a hand so that the body’s defenses work and in the same way, they avoid cell damage.

Tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It prevents blood clotting which is one of the causes of vascular accidents and heart attacks. Although there is no scientific evidence it has been shown that there is a relationship between tea consumption and the decrease in the appearance of these diseases. Having tea daily in your diet will provide you with many health benefits.

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