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Can You Freeze Guacamole? How to Freeze Guacamole

Freeze Guacamole

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Can you freeze guacamole? That is an inquiry numerous fanatics of this avocado-based sauce may require the response to. Is there a probability to make a bigger measure of guacamole and freeze it for some other time? Or on the other hand, when you have an excessive number of ready avocados and you might want to utilize some of them in guacamole and put the sauce into the freezer?

Uplifting news would you say you is, can freeze guacamole (you can purchase frozen guacamole, so is there any valid reason why you wouldn’t most likely freeze it yourself?). In the event that you need to freeze it simply because you have an excessive number of ready avocados, I recommend you freeze those avocados. On the off chance that you truly need to freeze guacamole (for example you’ve officially made it and there’s a considerable amount of it left), you can do it. Peruse on to become acquainted with the most significant things about freezing guacamole.

Freezing Guacamole – Most Important Facts

As I have referenced above, you can freeze guacamole. The inquiry that is increasingly significant is: “would it be delicious in the wake of defrosting?”.

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Tragically, in the event that you’d invest some energy and perused some nourishment discussions and sites, you’d discover that every individual has their own musings on this point. A few people wouldn’t fret frozen and defrosted guacamole (truth be told, they like it). Others state freezing guacamole does not merit the issue since it won’t be great in the wake of defrosting. That is the reason freezing avocados rather than guacamole sauce itself is a smart thought.

Freeze Guacamole
Freeze Guacamole

There are, in any case, a few certainties about freezing guacamole, that merit knowing. First thing is, the nature of the guacamole sauce in the wake of defrosting depends vigorously on its fixings. A portion of the plans call for tomatoes, garlic, or even yogurt. That is likely why a few people are happy with frozen and defrosted guacamole, while others aren’t. What’s certain is that fixings, for example, tomatoes or cleaved pepper make the sauce increasingly watery in the wake of defrosting.

As a result of the reasons I laid out above, you won’t know whether freezing guacamole works for you until out it an attempt. Set it up utilizing your preferred formula, freeze it, defrost it and taste it. At that point you’ll be sure if freezing this avocado-based sauce works for you.

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You don’t need to overemphasize it. Next time when setting up this sauce, set up somewhat more than you need and freeze the rest for a long time. That is the most ideal approach to see whether you’re happy with frozen and defrosted guacamole. In the event that you won’t be content with the result, you can generally have a go at changing the formula. Next time around take a stab at evacuating a fixing or decreasing its sum and see what you get.

Step by step instructions to Freeze Guacamole

This part is truly simple. Move the sauce into a freezer sack, press all air from it and seal the pack firmly. You can include some lime or lemon squeeze on the highest point of the sauce directly before freezing it to help with the procedure.

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When picking the measure of guacamole in a solitary freezer pack, consider freezing a bit required for one dish for each sack. Along these lines you’ll generally have the option to defrost just as much sauce as you need at once. Remember to put the date and different snippets of data you may require later on the name. When done, put the pack (or sacks) into the freezer. You can store it there for a significant long time, however it’s not prescribed to freeze guacamole for more than 4-6 months. After that time its quality will weaken a bit fater and that is terrible news.


As you probably are aware at this point, you can freeze guacamole sauce, yet not every person will discover the result scrumptious. Or on the other hand even satisfactory. Sadly, the best way to know is to probe your own. Complete several test freezingz and you will know whether it is for you in a matter of seconds.

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