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Can You Freeze Kimchi? How to Freeze Kimchi

Freeze Kimchi

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Kimchi is a Korean sauce produced using destroyed cabbages salted in flavors and seasonings. This fixing is frequently filled in as a side dish just as fixings to different dishes. For example, kimchi is added to ‘slaws, burgers, soups, fricasseed rice and even quesadillas. Do the trick it to state, kimchi is one flexible fixing.

Generally, kimchi is put away in a huge dirt pot that has been covered in the ground. The cool ground temperature permits the kimchi to mature and create more grounded flavors.

can you freeze kimchi

Kimchi has a long timeframe of realistic usability since it’s been salt-cured. All things considered, it could at present turn sour when presented to indoor air for a really long time. Actually, extra kimchi will keep in the ice chest for just 5 to 7 days. At the point when kept in the freezer, remaining kimchi will keep for 2 to 3 months. All things considered, a few Koreans accept kimchi never turns sour, it just matures.

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In any case, never leave remaining kimchi sitting at room temperature for long. When you have scraps, keep in the refrigerator quickly to confine introduction to air. A sign that kimchi has “turned sour” is if takes on a too-sharp taste. Presently, kimchi that is turned sour isn’t totally unusable. You can even now utilize it in cooking. You can blend it in hotcake hitter, fricasseed rice, or tofu stew.

The main time you should toss kimchi is if shape begins developing on it or it is beginning to create impactful scent. On the off chance that state, you have a great deal of kimchi in your grasp, here is a well ordered guide on how might you freeze kimchi:

Freeze Kimchi
Freeze Kimchi

How to Freeze Kimchi?

For packaged kimchi, it is anything but a smart thought to put the container straight in the freezer. The glass container will break as the kimchi freezes. It’s ideal to repackage the kimchi in reasonable servings utilizing hard core plastic packs or significantly freezer-safe unbending compartments. Simply ensure the compartment is hermetically sealed to avert freezer consume.

Water gems could shape into uncovered or inadequately pressed kimchi and they will weaken the kinds of the topping once it’s defrosted. Additionally, the softened water precious stones will turn the kimchi soaked.

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Utilizing a perfect spoon, spoon the item into the plastic holder or plastic sack. In case you’re utilizing resealable plastic packs, press as much air as you could before fixing the sack. Get a marker, name the bundle with the capacity date and stick in the freezer.

A similar strategy goes for natively constructed kimchi and remaining kimchi. Simply pack the topping in reasonable segments before staying in the freezer. Along these lines, the kimchi won’t get wet during defrosting. For locally acquired plastic-wrapped and unopened kimchi, you can put the item legitimately in the freezer. On the off chance that the pack’s been opened, you can either move the kimchi in a resealable holder or seal the first bundling before staying in the freezer.

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How to Defrost Kimchi?

To defrost frozen kimchi, simply move the item from the freezer to the refrigerator. Leave the fixing to defrost for a few hours. The key here is to defrost the kimchi gradually to lessen flavor or surface changes. Since kimchi is customarily served cold, you can appreciate this famous topping when it’s defrosted totally. Then again, you can include frozen kimchi straightforwardly into cooking if state, you’re utilizing it for stews and soups.


Kimchi is the ideal fixing for rich dishes in light of its unmistakable causticity. It supplements a wide range of sustenances especially flame broiled meats and Korean grill! Since you realize how might you freeze kimchi, you can store this delectable sauce for future uses so you’ll never run out.

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