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Cashew Chicken in Sichuan Sauce

In the store, we have many customers asking for recommendations on good Asian restaurants to try. I suggest a few, but always let them know that some of the most delicious Asian dishes they are going to taste are the ones they make themselves. In your own kitchen, you always know what’s in the sauce, the quality of the meat, and the freshness of the vegetables.

So skip the take-out cashew chicken, and whip up this homemade version instead. It features a Sichuan sauce with a more complex flavor, and a little extra heat.

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The Sichuan sauce in this version of Cashew Chicken uses a simple combination of some basic Chinese cooking ingredients – soy sauce, dark soy sauce, rice wine, and rice vinegar – along with our Spicy Sichuan Seasoning.

With the one-two punch of Sichuan pepper and bird’s eye chili, our Spicy Sichuan Seasoning will hit your tongue with that simultaneous numbing and burn that Sichuan dishes are famous for. While your tongue is being tickled, the brown sugar & sea salt, ginger & garlic, and coriander & star anise, will waken your taste buds with a depth of flavor that gives this spicy sauce its bold taste.

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Even with a short name like Cashew Chicken, there is plenty of room for vegetables in between.

I like adding in a medley of vegetables to the dish so it’s a well rounded, full meal for the family. The result is a winning combination of lightly seared succulent chicken, crisp-tender vegetables, and crunchy cashews, coated in a spicy sauce.

To achieve that ‘hot-off-the-wok’ delectableness of the dish, you want to move fast. Cook the ingredients in quick succession and don’t be afraid to crank up the heat.

Serve this Cashew Chicken in Sichuan Sauce with fluffy white rice or brown rice. It’s a great dish to add into your Chinese cooking repertoire (especially if your family enjoys a little spice in their stir-fries).

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